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It just keeps getting worse

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I imagined me coping with my PTSD and finally being able to enjoy life. I just have to laugh at how it’s the opposite. So many things are going wrong. I don’t even see me doing any better. This reminds me of as a kid I always thought my life would change for the better as I got older. How can you be hopeful when every time you believe in something it blows up in your face. My life got way worse as I got older as my symptoms got worse with PTSD. 

I was supposed to get my 2nd shot of the vaccine but I’m one of the people that got adverse effects. It’s not well known that Covid can cause you to have low potassium. You think we’ll how bad can low potassium be. For anyone with a mental diagnosis it’s really bad. It effects your mood, your body feels weak cause your muscles ache and cramps. I’m literally in a daze for almost two weeks now. While all of this is happening all my past traumas are literally hitting me like a truck. 

I again get triggered and can’t finish what I want to say. I guess for anyone else who’s an empath just good luck. Maybe it’s just how bad my life always is but feeling everyone else’s pain while living like this is messed up. 

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You are an empath or empathetic person so I think you absorb the emotions of other people?

But I think it can work the opposite way too, you can absorb the happiness of other people so maybe try to avoid people who bring you down if you can and find people who make you feel good and stick with them.

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I never thought of that.  I might have low potassium after having the virus as well.  The worst part for me isn't having constant pain.  The worst part for me is knowing I live in a world where I don't even feel safe trying to figure out why I'm in pain.  I don't even feel safe mentioning I have chronic pain to certain people.

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