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Generic Lexapro 5mg - Hair loss

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My doctor prescribed 5mg Lexapro to treat my anxiety and depression. My anxiety has gotten worse the last two weeks causing insomnia now. The meditation, healthy eating and workouts are not really helping.  Any one here experience hair loss on 5mg low dose of Lexapro?

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Hi catlover007,

Welcome to the Forums.  It is nice to meet you.

I suffered insomnia and some anxiety while on Lexapro.  My doctor added a medicine called Buspirone and that helped a lot.  I am so sorry you are experiencing these things.  Anxiety and insomnia can both be pretty brutal.

 I never suffered hair lost.  That sounds scary.

 I hope your doctor can help you. 

There are many members here and perhaps someone who has had the very same symptoms as you will see your post and respond to it kindly and helpfully. 

I do want to wish you only the very best here and in your life.  Hope you find relief from the things you described.

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