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conversation with a family member about depression/anxiety

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More family drama led to this conversation.  My niece by marriage called last night & during the discussion about the family  drama I said that my brother (her father-in-law)  really  needs to sit down with a professional.  I reminded her of the year that I nearly gave up on life.  That's when she said she didn't know what to say to my brother or me about depression. I just told her what not to say ("get over it, it's all in your head, get up and do something, stop feeling sorry for yourself & other negative things).  I told her that if she could find something positive or constructive to say, a hug will say alot.  And sometimes that all we need. I wish I had the ability to write a book about what to say to a person who suffers from depression/anxiety.  I'm sure there are books out there but I haven't found one yet.


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8 hours ago, Evergreenforst4 said:

You could start by making a blog on the forums here

 i do use the blog to record my thoughts & feelings. It is a safe place that I can vent & express the negative thoughts in my head that no one in my family can have access to.  In the past I've used a spiral notebook but my daughter needed paper & tore it out of that notebook.  And that taught me that writing in a notebook was not a safe place where I could feel free to  express myself.

Unless it is negative thoughts, I have difficulty putting words on paper.  There is this disconnect between what's in my head & my hand.   I can create wonderful stories in my brain but the words never make it to paper.

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