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I am overwhelmed


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I have been struggling feeling ill and my hands, fingers toes have gone numb and my skin flakes off and bleeds and I feel very rundown and feel defeated like I don't have any fight left in me anymore. Even trying to exercise or do chores exhaust me and I'm extremely depressed and anxious and I feel like admitting defeat and giving up. I've no life left in me and all I want to do is sleep.

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When I was in the military they told me to sleep as much as you can because sleep deprivation is really harmful for mental health. Getting enough sleep and stayong hydrated will give you more energy.

If you have intrusive thoughts try prayer or meditation. Also listening to baroque classical music is good for your brain or try watching self help videos when you feel okay.

Sometimes when I feel sad I like to take really long walks and listen to sad Chinese love songs. Maybe have a journal and write you feel before and after an activity so you can find out what helps you. For example for me I realized I did not feel good if I played too much video games because sit too long and feel bad but I also felt bad if I work too much so I find a balance

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