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Positive of Mirt

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I wanted to post a positive effect of mirtazapine since most topics on here are negative! I've been on 15mg for 3 weeks now I think, and its allowing me to fall asleep straight away and get about 10-12 hours and that has been so good. I love it, just been able to sleep for the first time in my life has been like holy crap. I don't think its helped with anxiety and depression but the sleepiness effect is fabulous and makes my body feel a whole lot better. Though I do feel a little spacey during the day sometimes, but being able to sleep for now out-weighs any bad effect. I havent noticed much change in appetite, but Im also taking 75mg venlafaxine so that could be keeping my appetite more stable. Im not sure, maybe I am slightly hungrier but I dont wake up ravenous like some of you describe.

However, I'm still depressed and anxious so the only benefit im finding IMO is being able to sleep. And for now that is good enough for me. I can finally use sleep to escape crappy feelings.

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Great to hear your getting quality sleep. I was on Mirt for a few years (came off four years ago or so) and had the best affect on the 15 mg dose. I noticed a very positive uptick in mood after about 4-6 weeks which I think was  due to the consistent restorative sleep. The dreams were incredible. I think your depression / anxiety will really improve in the next couple weeks like mine did on that dose. It was a really good med for me. Good Luck and Im sending you positive vibes.

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