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chronic depression

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Welcome new friend to our forum family.

To me depression is a natural formation / resource.

I try to invoke clever and powerful metaphors to counteract the debilitating effects of depression.

We can change our brain chemistry ever so slightly when we imagine an opposite metaphor to what we experience.

It's the idea that if you can name it then you can tame it.

I truly believe we are never helpless confronting Old Man Depression.

Please keep posting your concerns and we will try to help as best we can.


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I'm extremely treatment-resistant and I've found stimulants, either Ritalin or Adderall have had the most positive effect for me. No idea why. I've failed all other antidepressants, ECT, dTMS, Ketamine and so on. 

As always, YMMV. 


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Hii you are talking about chronic depression. Chronic depression is a continuous long-term (chronic) form of depression. You may lose interest in normal daily activities, feel hopeless, lack productivity, and have low self-esteem and an overall feeling of inadequacy.

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