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I don't know what to do


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Well, I'm here now in my new house. I don't know what I'm doing right now. I feel like I should've stayed with my friends in my old town. I feel like complete garbage that I'm not going to be spending these years with them. Now down here I have nobody but my parents and lately I just don't talk to them. Especially my stepdad, it just usually doesn't turn out well. I don't know where to go from here.

I feel like over the past month or two I've been way more messed up mentally than I've been able to recognize. I was downright stoic when I said goodbye to my best friend but now I feel like I've made the biggest mistake in the world. It's just, there was nothing I could do. I would've had to work 45 hours per week to live there and I still would barely scrape by. At least when that was my plan I had some sort of direction but now I just don't know what I should do moving forward with my life. My parents want me to go to community college but I get terrified thinking about whether or not I would even do well. I haven't gotten good grades since 6th grade when my mental health went downhill. I don't even know what I would go for. I've just been getting so overwhelmed when I think about anything other than what's in front of me but I don't have the time to just not worry about it.

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Hey cent, I'm sorry to hear that you are missing your friends and not getting along with your parents so well. That's tough. I have first hand experience. Lol. 

I don't know what to do with my life from here either. I feel pretty lost. I have a very hazy sense of direction with my vocation and I'm still thinking of moving because I'm finding it really difficult living where I am. Out of interest, did you buy your own place down there? How long have you been living there now? 

Moving is always disorientating. It will take time but you will find your way again. For now, I would take your own advice and do what is in front of you. We can't do any more than that after all 🤷‍♀️

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Hi Cent.

Now sure what to do in the new house?  Each new neighbor is a potential new friend.  Time for some meet and greet.

Continuing education?  If you figured out that the bad grades were related to low mental health, that is a good start on managing the situation if you return.  (I'm not saying "easy", just a start for a management plan)

Trade school?  If I were starting over, electrician (working with my hands and seeing stuff done at the end of the day) would be my choice.  (When I was at that age, I was healthily scared of electricity!)  Just a thought

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Don't go to college unless you know what you want to study, because even when you do it is hard and a big time sacrifice. Study a trade. You can make seriously great money in the trades because every successful person needs someone to weld the bridge they take to work or to install the air conditioner for their warehouse, etc. Only go to college if you WANT to go to college, and then for a specific reason.

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From my experience working full time and getting a college degree, I think college is easier than working.

It is more structured and engaging and you meet really cool people at college. College definitely gave me so many more opportunities and helped me overcome my depression by giving me better understanding of psychology and stress management.

Even if you just go for 2 year or trade school I think it has a huge positive impact. I learned a lot of very theoretical things in school and now I am at the point where I experiment and put what I learned to use in my job. I was always book smart but not the most practical person so for me getting hands on work experience is new and rewarding to me.

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