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Emotional/Verbal Abuse

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I've been in a similar relationship before - though it wasn't my mum, but someone who I thought loved me. It's so difficult and tricky to understand and it really messes up your head. All I can say is its probably best to avoid her all you can and really try not to listen to her, make a plan for getting out and focus on that. Maybe you can eventually have a relationship with her and maybe she does love you but you've gotta put your mental health and sanity first. I hope you're ok ❤️

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9 hours ago, TheMaidenTheMotherTheCrone said:

My mother is verbally abusive. She’s a manipulative narcissist that loves being drunk more than she loves her own family. I’m temporarily living with her and it is absolute torture. I’ve never felt depressed like this. 


I am so terribly sorry that you are taking such miserable abuse like this.

Depression is a horrible emotion to be feeling, especially having to feel this way due to a close family member. 

I can so relate.  We are here for you, so you can vent all you want, even after 5 posts you can start your own Blog!  I do hope you can find another place to stay soon.  Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to fix your Mother. :lookaround:

Take very good care of yourself and Stay Safe


~Lindsay, Forum Admin

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I feel for you ! It is very difficult to exist in an relationship with anyone who is mentally and emotionally abusing you. I have been through it and basically I am still in it. It is the feeling of being totally helpless what makes it really bad and leads into depression. What a narcissist can do on damage to other people is insane. I wish and hope for the best for you and you can get out of that situation quickly.  Chin up ! " You " is who matters 

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I really appreciate you all commenting on my post. It feels good to get it out there… All the lies and manipulation that constantly surround me is so toxic. She pretends that everything is fine and says whatever she needs to say to keep up this really pathetic pretense of “she’s fine, she doesn’t have any serious issues.” I just have to sit there silently or all hell breaks loose. It’s really difficult to feel any hope right now. It’s hard to keep going and not just give up and lay in bed. Logically I know I’m already in the process of making things better. Tentative move out date is sometime in October if everything goes well. I’ve already been approved for the loans. Tiny house construction process has begun. I’m hoping I’ll be able to secure the land and button up last minute details before the snow hits. Fingers crossed. Idk what I’ll do if I have to spend another winter here with her. The way I feel right now… I just feel like I really don’t want to find out what a complete nervous collapse actually feels like. 

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