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I hate reminding myself, that unless I am done living, then I have to keep trying.


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In the last few years my life completely fell apart, my health went to shit, so did my career prospects, I'm 33 and even though I did well in college and got into grad school, I couldn't make it in grad school now I'm back home living with my parents like a loser. Every time I try to pull myself up, my health gets worse. I take a step forward and get knocked back 2. I am very close to just being done living. 

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Don't let anything make you believe it's too late for you. Just because society expects you to do all these things doesn't mean you're a failure for not having done them yet. People have different paces and obstacles that slow us down, and it sounds like yours are out of your control. You don't need to let the negative aspects of your life win though, I think everyone is capable of getting to the bigger brighter side of life at some point or another.

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