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Returning Member Hello Everyone

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Hello, I don't know if anyone remembers me and it's completely alright if you don't. I wanted to " try " again and socialize with people after being away for about a year maybe or less. I changed very much when I left having now the right therapist this time that is specialized in C-PTSD or PTSD. I'm happy and very proud to say I'm about 50% better than once I first joined here. I'm certainly not the same gal anymore and learned so much about myself and what I truly want out of life. Still no friends or having a romantic relationship with someone though. If it happens it happens I'm  not desperate or sad about it. I still am extremely cautious around people online and in person and yes still have trust issues. I'm  working on it, however form what people done to me online the most and a few in person I have every right to be weary or distance myself from things that make me uncomfortable. ( if you knew my story ) I'm  not really sure what else to say then I'm  here giving people a chance once more and see what happens.

Well take care everyone and see you around the fourm.


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3 minutes ago, Epictetus said:

I do remember you.  Nice to see you here again.  I'm so glad things have improved for you.  Hope things will get better and better!

Thank you for welcoming me back here. So far in my life right now things have been great for me and still I'm getting better and better everyday. My will to fight, the fire inside me still growing stronger as ever.

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