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Just found out about Primarely Inattentive sub type

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Ive never paid any attention to add i have the stereo typical picture in my head bouncing off walls talks alot, Definitely not me!

But ive been reading about Inattentive sub type and it kind of makes sense.


I used to run away from school constantly starting at kinder garden till 5th grade when they pulled me out to do home school, insomnia and a internet addiction, i used to draw when i was really young and i havnt been able to draw since, cant keep focused but i have the natural skill.

Fast forward now 28 i cant focus on anything long term, cant even watch movies even though i love films, I have no hobbies (except play guitar I have been playing for 15 years have never gotten better) I obsess over small projects and i cant rest until they are done no matter how pointless, i feel like i constantly make the worse choices on purpose "like dont push the red button" I HAVE TO PUSH IT!

I feel like ive done nothing because i cant keep long goals and i feel like my life has gone nowhere im in a constant fog it feels as though my head is half asleep Im hoping this is it, it would explain so much! I thought it was a personality disorder and im still not ruling that out but i think this makes more sense.

Just wanted to write this out, I hope im not posting too much thankyou to everybody

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5 hours ago, sober4life said:

It can be both.  I think most people with BPD have addiction issues and ADD.  

i think so, i just think theres a pattern of behavior in my life thats controlling me thats more than depression so i think add or bpd or both would qualify... thanks for replying 🙂

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Some thought I had ADD once growing up though I don't have it from being diagnosed by doctors and therapists. I can relate on trying to stay focus on something. I love watching tons of movies more and some television shows. Though still sometimes I can't focus to long on it so I turn them off and not watch. Till the feeling pasted or I want to finish it. I gotten better over time though with feeling like that. 

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