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How can I keep my "energy" at the "proper" state?

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Sometimes my "energy" is very high, but it is so negative that it is practically anger, nothing about doing anything constructive.

Sometimes my "energy" is very low, it is so low that I don't even want to go out or buy something to eat.

Sometimes, but NOT SO OFTEN, my "energy" is at the "proper" state that I am able 

to do something more constructive, cleaning my room, tidying up things, changing bed sheets....

But I'd like to emphasize that it's really NOT SO OFTEN.

But I always have a very clear mind, I know what I should do. I know I should lift a finger, but

I really unable to do so....



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Yeah, it is a day to day thing and you never know when you  are going to feel good. Just try to enjoy it when the feel good feelings come and try to get through a crappie day when it shows up 

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