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Tiny paws 🐾

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I’m struggling with pain but I’m setting that aside because one of our kittens is struggling, she’s three weeks old and weak (runt of the litter) she’s struggling to feed, not only competing with her brothers but she struggles to find and attach on to mummy to feed, my partner woke me at 5am this morning expressing concern so I went in to the store and got kitten milk and managed to feed her a little, but then I went in to town to get kitten formula and syringe and I sterilised  everything and made up w batch of milk and she had a better feeding and she seems to be improving. She’s really tiny but she seems to be gaining weight, I am hoping and praying that she will survive, if she didn’t I would spiral in to a deep depression because animals mean the world to me and I love them more that life. I’m extremely tired and feel low, but I know even if it takes 6 weeks or so of interrupted sleep to feed baby kitten I will do it. I named her Lady because she’s special and felt that name fitted someone special. I know if we both survive the next 6 weeks we can survive anything. Feeding her is difficult but I learned what to do and to make sure we feed her the right way up and just hoping my efforts will get her through. Her mummy cat had given up and kicked her out of the basket and kept carrying her away but now she’s doing better she’s staying in the basket with mummy so at least she can keep warm and mummy can help her use the bathroom but in prepared to do what it takes to help. I guess I see a lot of myself in Lady because I struggle to survive in many ways but I’m a fighter just like her and no matter what I will always love her.  I will get through the day one step at a time and hopefully so will she. It should be easier tomorrow if the bottle comes and works out because syringes are not very user friendly in terms of releasing the milk slowly but the bottle will hopefully.

I sometimes wonder or ask what my purpose is in life or what I’m doing here but even if it’s just helping a kitten survive I will be happy. The other two kittens are healthy and massive for kittens like their dad but Lady she’s about half of the size and you can feel her bones in places and she can’t walk as good as the others but she’s a real fighter, every step that she makes is a blessing and I hope I see her grow in to a beautiful cat. She’s a long haired tabby cat just like her daddy and she’s part Bengal cross , and part long haired tabby but either way I’ve decided we are keeping her

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