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I can get angry very easily

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Today is not the Day 1 I know this problem and ask a question here. But I think I have a good example today to elaborate my problem.

One of my biggest problems is emotion and relationship, e.g. I can get

angry very easily

For example, yesterday I started a thread on a local forum asking clearly

what bus route is the best or recommended for going somewhere, and all replies (a total of eight) said metro is the best and none of them told me anything about the bus route. I found that I am pissed off immediately, I consciously understand that I shouldn't get angry because of these minor matter but I cannot control myself, I feel really pissed off because they are not answering my questions. 

I feel better if no one is answering me, but I feel so bad when I'm asking

whether A or B, I have limited the choices but they tell me C.

Do you read me? What is actually my problem?

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Hi Louis 2008! I hope that sooner or later you will find the answers for your problems.it is very difficult to change our destructive patterns ,but try to search .and don't give up!

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Anger issues, or if you have other symptoms a personality disorder that involves anger as a criteria, Would have to talk to a Therapist to know for sure.

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I always thought I had anger issues as a young girl since my family said I was always angry. I was then it changed over the years. I only get mad when my family doesn't get me and my true feelings. All the pain I'm in everyday, though I get more mad at myself frustrated  that I can't explain myself well to other people. I never lashed out at other people though only my family, and I know thats still bad. Now I keep things 100% real with anyone I talk too and speak my mind. Some like it and some don't.

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Hello Louis, the incident you are telling, I have faced these types of situations many times in my life. Few years back my  behavior was so angry. I was getting angry on small things. such as I am waiting for a bus and bus didn't come on time.

But once I was thinking about my anger and I realized that my expectations is the main reason behind my anger. then I stopped making expectations from other. there are many things happening in this world that we can not control. and if we can not control those things then there is no need to getting angry on those things.

I hope, my small story would be helpful to you!

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