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How can I make a revolutionary change in my life?


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Forgive me to be a little bit vague, but I have a lot of personal problems, more than you can imagine, I know these for long time, I am aware of my problems for long time, but I am unable to make any real change. One example is, I know I should reduce on snacks, sweets, 

and junk food because I am really taking too much, I'm a 30+ adult, not a child any more, but

I cannot resist any temptation, in fact, these junk foods aren't something really so attractive, are they?

I cannot stop myself from thinking these foods unless they are consumed quickly, most convenient foods will be consumed by me quickly within a day, I cannot make plan on these....

When something more constructive, I keep delaying, for example, my bed is so smelly, I haven't changed the sheet for months, but it's really smelly, I have kept delaying on doing this, probably after weeks until I cannot really endure....

I really hate myself, I always know that this is my problem, but even if I know, I am not

really unable to make any real change.... And... this is only one of my many problems......



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Change begins one day at a time and  form a attitude against your negative habits. Become determined to be victorious and stop at nothing less than overcoming your obstacles. It will not be easy but many before you have conquered this demon and you can also.

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Are you depressed? if so thats where i would start, i eat because of anxiety but if i manage my anxiety i can manage my eating. Not wanting to care for yourself is a sign of depression i cant stop my depression without medicine, thats just the way it is Ive tried for along time.


Oh btw my impulse control for food is like zero i just dont keep it around the house only food i eat for dinner because snacks and things will be eaten in a day your not the only one, food is just so easy to turn too.

Try to make sure everything you have has to be prepared and not just cooked fast or not at all, this will put a border between you and eating... Hopefully you do not have a fast food habbit i have had that and i cant really tell you how or if ive gotten over that.

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