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well well. here we are again. This is titled grief because I recently lost my older sister who was also my best friend. we grew up together and did everything together, and now im alone. she was only 18 and she just fell asleep and didn't wake up. My entire family is finding comfort in 'god' but why would a so called all powerful being take away a person who was kind to everybody and that radiated sunshine? I will never understand. Im so angry, even more so than I was before and im going to snap. I lost the one person who knew who I truly was and didn't care. Everyone around me is dealing with it because they have a support system, and friends. But my support system is the one who is 6 feet underground. My support system was taken from me. Im all alone, and I like it that way but everyone looks at me like im about to break. And I never break. I went from being invisible to all the attention being on me and my parents hovering over me like im gonna disappear . My advice to anybody, spend time with your family. you never know how long you'll have with them.

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We send our condolences.  Sorry for your loss.

It sounds like your sister knew you. Not just the personality you projected, but the honest you.  You only opened up to her.  Now, the rest of the family, who does not know you, is very concerned about you. 

It could be worse.  They could be ignoring you in your pain.  (yes, sometimes we ask for that, thinking it is better)  With a login  name like "tiredoflife1", maybe they know you enough to have valid concern for you and what you might do.

Everyone breaks.  Sometimes, we just have not broken yet.  "Breaking" is not the worse thing either.  Breaking and not being able to recover is worse.  And the more you resist and deny the stress, the harder the break and the harder the recovery.  (sure, some generalizations in there)  Maybe instead of worrying about breaking, we reach out for help earlier rather than later.  "It's ok to not be ok" and admit it.

If your surviving family is bad support, ask them what other support might be available to you.  It is ok to say "yes, I think I could use some help.  But, not your help"  while seeking all options for help.  Even if they do not like hearing it, it might sink in.  Of course, be careful on how you phrase that...

I do not understand everything either.  For those that have "faith", good for them.  Whatever gets them thru.  (and forgive me when I doubt the honesty of anyone who reverts to faith like this.  Do they really believe it?  But while I question them, it's not my place to judge them)  I also look for any items that will help get me thru.  And if I cannot find something honestly getting me thru, sometimes lying to myself is better than the alternatives.

I agree that we should appreciate when we can.  For tomorrow, life changes.  I think that also goes to remembering the good times.  Especially right now.  Would your sister want you to spiral down? Or, celebrate the time you did have together and find a way to continue? 

This is a shit situation.  Grief is not always "bad".  Getting stuck there is bad.  Let us know how you are as you go thru this process.

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I am so sorry to hear that you lost your sister and your best friend. From what I gather from your post is that your sister was teaching you how to become stronger and how to overcome things that got in your way. Your sister might be gone from society but she have never left your spirit. Reach deep down inside and ask yourself, what would my sister tell me to do. And by that way you keep her alive and it can bring some comfort back into your life. I had to do the same thing when I lost my dad without a warning. He went to sleep one night and did not awake again out of his sleep. Just like that he was no longer among us. Treasure your memories of your sister and let her beautiful spirit live on within you. Be blessed and I am going to be praying for you a peace of mind and a comforting spirit. Be blessed my friend 

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