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Paroxitine and weight loss surgery

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are you talking about gastric bypass? Since they're making your stomach that much smaller and only allowing a limited amount of food in at one time, perhaps? but I think that you could burst the sutures if you ate too much at one time (you'd have to be really forcing the food down though) and I think what's left of the stomach would learn how to stretch and expand again because it is still a muscle after all. 

It most likely will help and if you and your doctors both agree then, I think you'd have to accept that you will wake up with the same amount of weight and it would remain for a couple more weeks until you're body adjusts to the smaller amounts of food..? Im not a doctor though, just someone who understands the science and has her own weight and body image issues and food struggles and has gone through many periods of weight loss and weight gain. 

All the best (and this is just my opinion, please ignore if i'm completely on the wrong level 😁)

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11 hours ago, Another Statistic said:

Hey No1isimmune,

Welcome to DF!

SSRIs and weight gain appear to go hand in hand, but before you go the surgery route, might I suggest trying to address the root cause? Because, depending on your genetic makeup, you may be susceptible to blood sugar regulation problems caused by your SSRI, and those problems can be mitigated by some of the newer diabetes drugs.

If your weight gain was caused by leptin or insulin resistance, which some studies suggest can be triggered by SSRI use, your suspicion on surgery is correct. The cravings and the irrational hunger will probably still be there even after the surgery. And the worse news? Once you have leptin or insulin resistance, discontinuing your SSRI isn't going to make the problems go away. I was a healthy 170 lbs. when I started lexapro; I topped out at 236 after 10+ years of SSRIs.

I would diet and exercise to no avail. Then I became too fat to exercise and my problems accelerated. Then my psychiatrist recommended I speak to an endocrinologist, and she put me on Ozempic. Within a year I had dropped down to 175 lbs. I'm kinda stuck at this weight, but I feel so much better. My understanding is that there are other, similar compounds being tested, which may be even more effective than the existing drugs.

If I was young and single I might consider cosmetic surgery for all the extra skin. The fat goes away, but unfortunately the skin kinda stays behind. But I'm old and married, and the Lady Statistic doesn't appear to mind my sharpei-like ruffles, so I'm not too worried.

CYA 'round the forums, No1isimmune!

I really like your response! informative and looking at other possibilities. Clearly you've done a lot of research over the years. Do or did you ever work in the science field? Or just personal interest? 

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Maybe gastric bypass wouldn't eye the right route because if the SSRI is increasing your appetite surgery wont make that go away, but I feel you. My body image and weight is only a surface level problem but when my weight and body feels out of control my mental health declines rapidly, currently where im at now 😣


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It's hard in the beginning because of the mental need to eat food but you can only eat a small amount at a time.  Mom was on more meds than I could count.  If she was asked to list them all she would have forgetten some of them there were so many I'm sure.  She was taking an SSRI along with many other meds that increased her appetite.  She stuck to the diet they gave her and lost 50 pounds the first month.

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