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Switching back to Effexor XR

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I decided to switch back to Effexor XR from Sertraline, I should probably have gotten my GPs advice but... oh well. Ill see how this goes, ive got 10 weeks of Effexor before I need to go to the GP for more. When I was first on Effexor my main side effects were nausea, loss of appetite and terrible headaches. But overall I felt really good, I was participating in life, attending university daily and yoga 3-4 times a week as well as climbing. I switched to Sertraline because I didnt like the headaches but as soon as I switched I lost the "good" feeling, I stopped going to yoga and climbing and getting up for uni was hard and I missed more than a few days and ended up finishing my degree at home (New Zealand so we could attend uni as normal). So I'm hoping ill get the good feeling back because I loved yoga and climbing, I miss wanting to participate in life. Currently im off work and I could go back tomorrow if I want but I dont feel ready, so im hoping Effexor will help me feel ready because my bank account is sorely struggling as well now (lol). 

Life with mental illness is ****ing hard and I accept now that ill have to live with this forever, I used to think it would just go away and id be fine in a month or two (naive little me). I'll keep updating as this goes along, hopefully ill feel better enough to not feel the need to be visiting this forum so much! 

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hoping to hear a good update. Im experiencing something similar. was on Zoloft but it stopped working during covid. Changed to Pristiq which seemed to be working but the last month or so I've slipped back into slightly depressed/tired to now anxious, ruminating thoughts, body pain/tension. Seeing the doc next week. looking forward to your updates...

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3 hours ago, Jenn Hein said:

Seeing the doc next week. looking forward to your updates...

well, I think im starting to feel slightly better, maybe, ive been to yoga two nights in a row this week and have been cooking for myself more... a few weeks ago on sertraline I didnt leave the house for 9 days and had takeout almost daily because I could barely leave my room... so some improvement. Im not fabulous like im not ready to go back to work yet, and yesterday was a pretty bad day where I was just feeling shit the entire day even yoga didnt help ugh. honestly I dont think any of these drugs work like how we expect them too, but if they help make you able to get up in the morning then thats something 

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