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I am attracted to a girl

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I first got to know her last year, she works in a store near where I live so much, she is beautiful but in addition, she is polite, friendly, and very talkative. I don't know how to tell about her, but she has her own character that makes her so attractive and different.

I've fallen in love for her for a long time, but I'm pretty sure that she doesn't know because I have never done anything.

But anyway, I enjoy this feeling so much, I enjoy the time when I walk into the store and she 

says welcome and thank me with her sweet voice when I check out...  and sometimes if I am lucky enough, she will have small talk with me.... I feel so happy in my heart....

That's enough for me..... I have no plan letting her know I love her

But something happened last week...... I had quarrel with her colleague in the shop, 

although she came out and apologized to me, I was pretty sure that she didn't understand

the whole story. What I have left to her could be a negative impression. Since then, I have still visited the store for a few times and bought something, but she isn't as natural as the past when she sees me, looks like she is afraid of me.... thinking that I am a trouble maker,

but actually I am always a fair person...


But now, I feel that my love for her is suddenly lost...  I don't want to go to the store anymore,

but I wish she would understand me......but I am so passive that I will probably never do anything. She doesn't even know my name.

Do you read me? It's a difficult feeling

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Hello friend,

I know you may feel enthralled or enchanted with this girl but she is at her job and "paid" to be nice to people.

You don't really know her character but the way she changed with you after a conflict instead of comforting you suggests you are for the better without someone like that in your life.

I recently had a break up because my ex left me. I worked out a lot, tanned, did everything I could. She ended up having me book a hotel but we did not get back together, she was just testing the waters.

I now have a sweet loving girlfriend, she does not give me the same thrill or attraction but she is sweet, caring, loving and has good character.

I also think love is like a seed that grows with water and love. Find someone who believes in you and sees the best in you.. the real you.

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Why not talk to her? Nothing's gonna happen if you're just gonna make assumptions. She might be scared of you yes, but try saying "hey, sorry for what happened the other day. just not my good day." or whatnot. Try to explain your side but dont insist on being right. It would really help if she sees you apologetic. 

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