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Parnate augmentation?

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Hello all,

Just to give a brief summary of my situation - diagnosed with BPD & TR/MDD and have been been on a variety of SSRI's and SNRI's since I was 18. Had a brief stint in a psychiatric ward late 2019 and was augmented with Seroquel. Mid 2020 the depression had receded enough to just continue with low dose Seroquel (50mg pn) and no antidepressant.

Had some significant relationship instability over the last few months which resulted in another bout of MDD and elected to be put on Parnate (20mg pd) a few weeks ago. Parnate has definitely had a positive impact, raising the "floor" of my mood and I have continued to take Seroquel 50mg per day. My GP is waiting for the positive impact of Parnate to plateau before increasing dosage.

Even before the bout of MDD I have been having fairly constant headaches and one option my GP has given is to go on Topamax to control the headaches. Did some research and found it has been used as a mood stabilizer.

So the question is - has anyone been augmented with Topamax? Did it help and what did it do?

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