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I am here to help - at least I hope so

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Hi there,

I am now roughly one year post depression and I would like to share the practice which got me out of the depression and keeps me constantly on the bright side of life. My goal is not to impress or to sell anything. I simply want to help at least one other person to get rid of their depression. I want to create a lengthy post about everything, that I know about that practice and give a forum where members can ask me anything about the technique or my experiences with it and my depression.

My question is now, where to put the post? I would like to have as many people as possible reading the post as it increases the chance to help them. By nature it probably should go into the "Therapy" category as it is psychological by nature. But the Depression Central probably has a wider audience. Can anyone suggest me the best place?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome to the forums! Glad you found us. 

I'm also glad that you're here to share what you've learned in order to help others, that's praiseworthy. 

It's my opinion that replying to conversations that are started by others seeking support (and most of the posts you'll find in this community are about that) is the most direct way of helping someone. Demonstrating that I've read their post by commenting on the content and showing empathy for their struggle (because I've had my share) seems to always be appreciated. That's me, you do you of course. 

You've asked where would be a good forum for a helping post you have in mind. I regret I don’t know a good answer to that. I'm sure it will get views wherever you decide to write it. 

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will gladly do that. I have put the post in "One Step At A Time". I think that is a good place for it. Unfortunately because I use a few links to further resources, the post needs to be Approved. I hope it gets approved soon.

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