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Prozac and Lithium

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Has anyone ever been prescribed Lithium while being on Prozac?

My pdoc and I have been discussing treatments beyond antidepressants. I've been cycling through various ones for 15 years. Some will work for a while, like years at a time. Others just don't mix well with me or don't quite relieve the symptoms enough. I've been feeling stuck in my treatment for quite some time. I learned a little bit about Lithium in a psych class I took at the community college, and so I wasn't caught off guard to hear that as an option. Initially it was used to alleviate the symptoms of bipolar disorder. But it's been shown to have significant results in alleviating symptoms of unipolar depression (what I have). It's actually pretty neat, but I digress.

I was on 40mg of Prozac. Feeling side effects that were bumming me out, but my mood was a lot better. Then I felt the side effects start to effect my quality of life outside of my mood. Which in turn, unsurprisingly effected my mood. I am currently on 30mg of Prozac as step #1 of adding Lithium. I'm a bit getting nervous though. I so desperately want to feel better. But when I think about having to get monthly blood tests, it's dawning on me how much of a process being on this medication can me. I'm starting to feel the difference in just taking a pill versus taking a pill along with monitoring it through my blood.

I'm also worried about how it will effect other things in my life, mainly activities when I socialize with friends (alcohol, etc.). I've learned how impactful socializing is to my mental health. Has anybody had this experience?


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