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cymbalta side effects

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HI, new here.

Was on Cymbalta for 15 yrs  ok a first then started having aura at night,Kaleidscope dots and spots heavy feeling all over face Disortion and  pins and needles in hands.

Dr told me i was having silent migraines this only happened at night. Was checked for epilepsy all clear, blood test were all good,

Has anyone else experienced this also.

When I came off Cymbalta I was in extreme pain which I no is nerve pain, they Cymbalta was masking the problem.I did not no that Cymbalte was also used for nerve pain.


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I-have been on cymbalta for 5 plus years and no effects like those you describe. I weened of once to try another med and realised then that it is used for control of fybro myalgia, I think I spelt that correctly. I was in more muscular pain when I was off it. I currently use cymbalta at 60mg per day, taken at night.


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