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The slow healing of depression

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Just a passage I wrote about healing... it takes a very long time... I hope this proves helpful. 


I hope my brain heals fully... healing from depression, It limits my vocabulary to one word... DAMN. 

I still believe I can recover, I'm not niave enough to believe life is free of pain, grief, and let down. 

Depression is a demon all on its own. Its simply cant be swept under the rug. It cant be explained away, it cant be wished back into oblivion. 

I hold onto the fact nothing lasts forever... 
Good people exist
We come into life with a purpose

I remember that its not always severe
I'm reminded there are good times yet to be had
I havent cracked the code, but.. tomorrows another day
Beauty exists, although I may now be blind to it.
The heaviest loads are given to the strongest of souls.
I dont deserve this, but I will make it through the night.
And the day that awaits will be the sweetest yet.

Please be patient with me while I am healing. 
I may say things out of place or that are senseless
Sometimes I wonder... what is wrong with me?
I might be distant, and forget alot...
Please be gentle... ive been through alot
I am stronger for it, and better for it
But I am also weary.
Thank you, I love you
Please forgive me. 

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Remission ➡️ Recovery ➡️ Relapse ↩️

Remission (lasts a little longer) ➡️ Recovery (last a little longer) ↩️

Relapse (a little shorter).

This is an acceptable life, for me. 

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Many thanks for putting that into words.  What a wonderful example of feelings which do not lend themselves easily to expression.

Yup, sometimes 'DAMN' is all that can be said.  But it is amazing how much fits into those four letters.  Peace to all!  :rose:

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