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I've been taking to this gal at work and she gave me her phone number. We've been texting back and forth a lot and I've recently pointed out to her that she doesn't come over at work and talk to me like she does with some of my other coworkers. So she texts me back saying "come on don't be like that". I'm not sure what she means by that though. Any ideas? 

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My guess is that she doesn't want you to be (sounds harsh but I can't find nicer words) whiney or insecure aka telling her that she needs to do something for you to be happy (of course you said it in an indirect way).

Women are from Mars - who the heck knows what she means - just don't over think it.

My thoughts are that if you want to talk to her, go talk to her. Don't set any expectations & enjoy her friendship.

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