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Is Switching Meds a Good Idea?


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I have been on Prozac,  lamictal, zoloft, citalopram, bispar (generic), trazadone, and propranolol. Not at the same time, but over the past year.

I liked Prozac, but I just wanted to try something new because it didn't help with my anxiety. I think it was because I was and still am struggling with grief and PTSD.  I was put on lamictal because of mood disorder and trazadone for insomnia. I have something later to say about trazadone.

I got off of Prozac and wanted to try Zoloft. Zoloft helped with my anxiety, but it made me itch. I was also on propranolol, lamictal, and trazadone.

I got off of that and she put me on citalopram, lamictal, bispar, trazadone, and propranolol. I feel fatigued all of the time.

I am hesitant to take bispar because of the research have done about it not working. I took it today though and I feel like my blood pressure is high just a bit.  Every time I refill a prescription, my pharmacist gives me a slip of paper of the meds that could cause selective serotonin syndrome, such as trazadone, bispar, and citalopram. I have an appointment with my doctor in a week or two and I was wondering if I should ask her to put me back on prozac and propranolol only?

Is it bad that I'm switching meds constantly? I have been on lamictal and trazadone for a year. I think I have become immune to the trazadone because it doesn't work too well anymore. I can go to sleep without them on most nights. I don't want to get selective serotonin syndrome either.


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It took me over four years to get a good medication for me, don't give up trying if you haven’t found the one that provides relief yet.

dont rule at the SSRI’s either, be open minded to get your best health. I didnt want any meds, and likely would have missed a large part of my last 10 years if I didnt take them.

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