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How do you guys cope with not being able to sleep?


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Hi everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. I wanted to know about your experiences with sleep. Personally, I have had great trouble with sleep ever since my high school days. How have you guys dealt with insomnia bought about by depression?

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1 hour ago, Selvina said:

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. I wanted to know about your experiences with sleep. Personally, I have had great trouble with sleep ever since my high school days. How have you guys dealt with insomnia bought about by depression?

Hi and welcome to df.

I am sorry you are having trouble sleeping. Insomnia can be insidious and it can affect just about every aspect of one's life if not treated. . I hope you are in fact getting treatment for it. Insomnia can be caused by both psychological factors and also various physical illnesses. A doc specializing in insomnia will be able to discern is the problem psychological or not.

Apparently I have what is called "idiopathic insomnia", which in essence is insomnia without any discernable cause. My main issue is waking up several times a night and not being able to fall back to sleep. though sometimes I have trouble falling asleep too. It began when i was 10 or 11, though I had sleeplessness nights way before too. It continued into my 40's, when it went completely out of control due to irregular shift work, stress and chronic anxiety. I had bad sleeping habits from the start, as I thought I didn't need as much sleep as other people.

Eventually I burnt out and got treatment for both anxiety and insomnia. In my case I was put on mirtazipine for insomnia and i still take small doses of "mirt" before I go to sleep(apparently in the case of mirtazipine, "less is more" when treating insomnia). I have to keep my hours regular, and keep myself healthy. I don't read in bed, watch tv or update social media in bed. I only go to bed when I am tired. Even if it's two a.m when I go to bed.

I sleep pretty well nowadays, though I still get bouts of insomnia at times for no apparent reason. These "bouts" can last anything from one night to a week. Nowadays I get a solid 6-7 hours of sleep most nights. Sometimes more. I still wake up at least once a night, but in general I am not too concerned.

I was in therapy for three years, and I realized that insomnia, anxiety, depression and mental health issues in general are all connected. Sometimes it's difficult to determine did anxiety trigger insomnia or the other way round, for example. It probably doesn't matter either way. I think the first line of defence if one can't sleep is not to get too worked up about it. For me that is nearly impossible, my mind is in overkill-mode even when I am "relaxed"..But taking it all in it's stride and trying not to worry about it can work.

Another thing that worked for me if insomnia has taken over my life is a form of "controlled sleep deprevation". The idea is to try and get as much continous sleep as possible, even if it's only a few hours.

I'll copy/paste somethng I "pinched" form the website Mayoclinic:

"Sleep restriction. Lying in bed when you're awake can become a habit that leads to poor sleep. This treatment reduces the time you spend in bed, causing partial sleep deprivation, which makes you more tired the next night. Once your sleep has improved, your time in bed is gradually increased."

You will probably find more just googling "sleep restriction".

I hope you start feeling better soon, @Selvina. All the best!

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2 hours ago, Caldmood said:

Hi. I try to workout everyday. It helps me to get that feeling of wanting to rest. If I don't workout, my mind is here and there that it's hard to fall asleep.

Yes, this. Your exercise of choice is a balm for both your mind and body. 

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The Only time I get to sleep is when I pass out from the alcohol. Even then, it's only a couple of hours at the most. Normally I'm only out for about 2 hours and then the cycle starts up again, no mater how much I drink. This has been ongoing for two years since my wife died. Sleep was always a difficulty prior to this...now it's almost an impossibility.

I've tried all the over-the-counter solutions...warm cups o' milk....sleepytime teas...and had no joy. Dr's won't give me prescription meds because they have rated me suicidal...so I self-medicate via alcohol. Of course, that is also frowned upon...

So I'm screwed if I do and screwed if I don't...either way, I don't get much sleep. 

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For me I've found it best to just stop tossing and turning and get out of bed.  Especially if ruminating thoughts are what's keeping me awake.  I try to get up and turn on a soft light, tv, open a book or whatever to change the atmosphere and doze off without trying to.  Just lying there tossing around in bed unable to sleep is one of the worst feelings there is.  

Anyway that's what I do.

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