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link to another thread about Sexual Dysfunction



This thread is about some of the sexual side effects that folk have noticed whilst taking Effexor. Please note that not everyone will suffer from these.

The drug info leaflet that Wyeth package with Efexor XL in the UK says that abnormal ejaculation/orgasm, reduced sex drive, impotence, menstrual disturbances in women, rarely abnormal breast milk production? are some of the possible side effects of the drug.

Sex doesn't have to be all penetration. Be inventive try something different: massage, bath together, have a picnic in bed (oh I could do with a dinner partner), find your erogenous zones or his/hers, light some candles and view your partner in a different light.

Most importantly LOVE your partner, talk about the possible sexual side effects, caress and hug each other, enjoy......

Speaking of sexual side effects....is there anything to help with them??

Some Drs suggest adding wellbutrin sr

Serzone did not have a sexual dysfunction for me, but it turned out I couldn't metabolize it, had to get off of it.
Both of my doctor's (ob/gyn & family prac) are convinced that Effexor does not lower the libido. As a matter of fact, (they are both women) one takes twice as much of Effexor herself as I do and she says that hers has increased with her dosage increasage. I haven't noticed any drop in my libido either. On Zoloft, it was totally nonexistant... so I am quite happy with Effexor as far as sex is concerned and as far as my anxiety and mood swings are concerned.


Personally, no matter what anti-anxiety meds I'm on, my sex drive comes and goes.

I guess that's the case with so many other factors as well.. like stress, problems in relationships, bad diet, sickness, surgery, etc.

I experienced the difficulty reaching orgasm with Paxil, and, in the past, with Prozac. One professional told me that if you experience it with one AD, especially SSRI's, you will probably experience it with any of them. However, my current psychiatrist says not necessarily so.

Ironically, since my anxiety started, my wife and I are enjoying the most closeness we have had in a long time. It's a little disheartening to give up good sex at this point, but I guess love is not just sex, and if need be, we will overcome! (Excuse the bad pun)

I know that SSRIs are the culprits in my case. I've gone off them from time to time, and bada-bing bada-boom, my sex drive is back on track. Unfortunately everything else falls apart, so I go back on the meds, my sex drive takes a hike, and I return to being the delightful young woman I've come to define as "me." The sex thing is definitely an inconvenience, but it's NOTHING compared to the alternative.
If Paxil and Prozac didn't work for you, maybe you need a different class of medication. If so, you probably wouldn't experience the sexual side effects. I'd ask your pdoc to let you know what your other options are. Good luck!
I was on 112.5mg of Effexor in the AM and 200mg of Serzone in the PM for many months, and now I'm in my week of increased Serzone (250 week 1, 300 this week) in the hopes that more S will mean less E (and more SEx ).
The liver damage thing is fairly recent, but Bristol Myers Squibb is being required to put a warning on Serzone to that effect. There are some posts in the "Other Medications" section on this subject. Like I say, I think its pretty rare, but many docs are backing away from Serzone nontheless.
I considered Wellbutrin, but it doesn't sound like its used for anxiety

that much, in fact anxiety and insomnia, two of my big issues, are fairly

common side effects of Wellbutrin.

I have avoided this topic...mostly because I have been EMBARASSED! While on Prozac, I have to admit that I never ONCE had a problem with the big "O." Not once. My friends tell me that this is truly unique...I think I'm a freak!
Yesterday was my last day taking effexor. I had been on it for about 8 weeks. I had no sexual desire, zero interest. Prior to this med. I was taking prozac for 3-4 years. I stopped it because I no longer felt was helping me - although it did not effect my sexual desire, it just stopped working, i became sad all over again.
effexor and SSRIs work by preventing the reuptake of hormones and some of those hormones control our libido so it can reduce or prevent ejaculation/orgasm or cause impotence.
I've been on 300mg Effexor (and 50mcg cytomel) per day since AugustUnfortunately, my libido has always been very transient (baffling the men in my life) and I don't know anymore if it's the meds, the guy I'm dating, hormones, or regular life stresses... Basically I have zero interest; read: enjoy the closeness of it, but 'numb' for all the good parts. Prior to the effexor, I was on zoloft augmented with wellbutrin SR to try to target the low libido, but it wasn't doing much for me (I think) I am much more emotionally stable on the effexor and, except for the above, don't see many side effects. This 'state' however is a real stumbling block in relationships. The last one pretty much ended because of it and the current one is convinced that it's 'him', that if he was 'enough of a man' he could pull me out of it. I'm really opposed to 'faking' but what else is a girl to do??

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One of my best friends has been on Effexor for about 4 months now. This is what she tells me frequently:

1) She has a very difficult time achieving orgasms, and when she does, they feel "different" or as she puts it, "smaller and less significant".

2) Her libido has suffered greatly. She openly admits she used to be a 'horny little devil', and now describes herself as "a doormouse".

3) She often feels more like sleeping than getting into any sexual activity.

Before Effexor she was on Paxil, and the sexual side effects for her were worse... ZERO libido. But she said that these new sexual side effects, even though they are less, are almost enough for her to stop the Effexor.

The sexual side effects have been enough to make me TRY to get off or switch meds, but every time I end up going back b/c I feel so depressed and irritable that I can't stand myself! I've been on SSRIs for over 10 years, so I truly don't remember what it's like to have a "normal" sex drive or to respond to sex like they do in the movies (Although I did take myself off Prozac last year and went through a month of sexual, mental, and emotional mania. It was an interesting (but frustrating!) experiment, and not one I'd like to repeat.)

That said, I'm once again playing w/my meds (w/pdoc supervision) in an effort to create a balance between sex and sanity. Not craving sex has definitely made me rethink the concept of romantic relationships and their role in my life, and that makes me very sad. At this point I feel like I'd be fine forever w/my friends, my pets, and my family to keep me company--and THAT feels like a huge loss :o( Plus, being in a sexual relationship has sometimes magnified my feelings of being different or broken. HOWEVER, being single doesn't feel "normal" either. Hell, I had no intention of writing all of that--it just came to the surface as I typed, so I guess it's true.

The bottom line is that each of us has to measure the value of sex vs. the value of feeling good/healthy/sane/whatever and then decide where to go from there. And for those of you just starting, please remember this: Not everyone has sexual side effects from taking meds, and most (i think) of the people using this site (and certainly this topic) are the ones for information and support b/c they ARE having problems. So don't talk yourself into anything!

thanks for all of the honesty--it helps a lot!

I've been on Effexor XR since April and am now at 300 mg. I have rekindled an old relationship with my boyfriend and things are getting serious. It is interesting to note that since we broke up I am on Effexor and he on Paxil and things have never been better. We think it is because of the medication. (Match made in the pharmacy)

Concerns are:

Both have a lowered libido and I cannot acheive O at all. That was one of the best parts about our relationship. We were very compatible that way.

The sexual side effects stink; you need to decide if the value of the med is worth the s.e.
My dosage of Effexor is a lot lower than the 300mg mentioned, but I also had a problem reaching the big "O" at first. All that I kept thinking about was, "I can't do this because of the Effexor" while with my boyfriend. I kept telling myself that this side effect doesn't happen to everyone and EVENTUALLY started to not think about Effexor in the heat of the moment. I must say that this worked for me, and now have NO problems. I don't know if this may work for you, but it may be able to help other people with this problem.
I expected with Efexor to lose a bit of my sex drive. But recently, its increased.
I have been taking 40 mg of celexa daily for about 2 months. I have not had any bad side effects other than decreased libido and great difficulty in achieving orgasm. Yesterday, I went to my doc and told him what was going on. He convinced me to switch to effexor, because he said it would eliminate my problems with libido and achieving orgasms. Well, after reading people's comments about effexor, I don't know but what I might be making my situation worse
I had zero sex drive before I was on effexor - I've been on it for 18 months and it put me back to my normally sexy self!

Admittedly the zero sex drive wasn't just caused by depression, I also had a loser boyfriend then ... but effexor gave me the lift I needed to be strong enough to lose the loser, and put the spring back in my step so to speak!

This is the best discussion of sex problems on this forum. I'm on Paxil and having major sex problems, so I've read what I could on all the options. Wellbutrin does not cause sexual dysfunction, BUT, it's not indicated for people with anxiety, because it often escalates anxiety and insomnia. Serzone does not cause sexual dysfunction, BUT it has recently been found to be associated with an increased liklihood of liver damage--not a high risk, but any risk in that area is too much for me. Remeron doesn't increase sexual dysfunction (some, but not a lot), BUT it causes weight gain and, for many, causes too much sedation.

So, these 3 antidepressants that don't cause sex dysfunction all have other liabilities that make them unsuitable for me. This world is obviously not fair: I can choose between severe anxiety problems and depression, with sex; or, being happy without sex. I'm selfish--I want cheerfulness AND sex. If anxiety wasn't my major problem, I would try adding Wellbutrin to my Paxil. Taking Viagra, 50 mg 90 minutes before having sex, does allow me to achieve orgasm, but my desire is about 10% of what it was, and my orgasms are only about 33% of what they were. Antidepressants with a high sexual-dysfunction rate include: All the SSRIs (Zoloft, Prozac, Luvox, Celexa, and Paxil); Effexor, which is an SNRI (boosts norepinephrine and serotonin); all the tricyclic antidepressants (amitiptyline, desipramine etc) , and all the MAOIs (which also can you if you eat cheese or drink alcohol).

One optimistic note: all the drug companies are trying like crazy to find an antidepressant that works without sexual dysfunction and without introducing other lousy side effects, like weight gain and liver damage. As soon as they develop this pill, I'm switching to it. In the meantime, I'm thankful not to be miserable all the time like I was before Paxil.

Felt the sexual side effects of zoloft and i felt them only after the first week. I would not have minded decreased libido...but this was ridiculous. NO feeling at all in intimate areas (I am female) . My doctor also said that there are not the bad sexual side effects with Effexor Xr as with zoloft, paxil...now i am on 75 mg.on my second week on effexor and so far this is much better than zoloft as far as s/e.......just hoping they wont kick in as i continue to take effexor and/or increase the dose. i guess everyone reacts differently.
When I was taking Effexor it did what it was supposed to; help with my depression and an eating disorder. However; my sex drive went down the tube and my ability to orgasm was pretty much non existant.
I have been taking 150 mg of Effexor XR w/o any sexual dysfunction. I recently upped to 187.5 mg and I am starting to notice difficulty getting to the big O. I gies the sex SE id dose dependant.
I don't have any real desire for sex since I've been taking Effexor. I've been divorced for a while, and have always kept "a friend with benefits." I think my self esteem has gone WAY up, because I'm not the least bit interested in this type of - ha ha - relationship anymore. Very unlike me, but a better way to be, I think. I just hope when I meet "the good guy", that I do have desire.
Well I have to say that the side effects for me are actually very pleasant.

I seem to have a better orgasm, and I know that I last a lot longer (I was even listening to the radio the other day where someone said that this type of drug is being prescribed for premature ejaculation)

So there you go. I have been on Effexor since about 2 months ago now. Doing me the world of good in every way I think

I thought I was having bad side effects without being able to perform, it didn't want to get up when I finally got the chance to use the PA... turns out she just wasn't doing anything for me LOL... seriously though, since she's gone now, I have noticed that even trying to get it done on my own seems to be tougher to do since being on the 150 dose of effexor...
I just started taking effexor XR and went from 37.5 mg to 75 mg each week and will start the 150 mg in 2 days. My doc told me the usual list of side effects and ended by saying that 80% of the people taking effexor do not have sexual side effects. I noticed a big reductio in sexual feeling with my first dose. My wife is trying to be affectionate to me to help me out of depression and I am very slow to respond. Last night I decided to respond and had to fake an orgasm because I was wearing her out. Part of my depression was caused by denial and here I go again. I was starting to feel good about myself wiith effexor and was not ready for this curve. Will this go away or am I stuck with sexual problems as long as I take the meds. Will it get worse at 150 mgs? I know I need to honest to my wife about this however it is too easy to view it as another failure. It is not an easy topic to write about however any help would

be appreciated.

I have a suggestion: be honest with your wife - tell her that you may have some loss of libido with the drugs that you need to take for your depression. Then shower her with hugs, kisses, hold her close.

I read something a few years back that in some chinese religions it was

considered bad for your ying or yang (or something) for a man to ejaculate

every time he has sex. Every time a man orgasms he loses 'energy' (its

the opposite for women though). Just a thought

I think I suggested to someone else to 'discover' other methods of making

love. Explore each others eroginous zones.

The best thing is to be completely honest with your wife. If the side

effects are really bothersome though talk to your dr, they may have

something to help.

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I should also have said that Depression itself can cause sexual side effects like loss of libido.
i am a lot more 'interested' now that i have switched from paxil to effexor-xr! I can still go for ages sometimes but that isnt always a bad thing.
As for the sexual SEs, they really threw me for a loop. I got some great advice from firelizardee on the subject and you can look at the older post. You do stabalize but it takes a lon long time to finish as they say. If you stop thinking about yourself and focus on your partner, you will be surprised with the results. You may also be finding out that sex is not everything and that meaningful conversation can be very enjoyable.
Keep taking effexor and look hard at the change in your personality. That

is the real you coming out beneath the clouds. Take this time to work on

personal issues if you can. I am tapering off effexor now so I will find

out if I have learned my lessons.

yes...sex drive is pretty bad for me too...no O in over a year (about when i started effexor).
The loss of libido was the only side effect that I noticed while I was on Effexor XR. Now that I'm off it, the libido is back to normal.
Actually I have gone from venlafaxine to moclobemide 450mg(about 4 weeks

in & getting some good benefit ) & libido & performance seem back to normal again - perhaps increased libido even. Perhaps I'll report back later into treatment.

I'm dealing with a good news/bad news thing with Effexor and sex. The good news is I'm experiencing a gigantic INCREASE in my libido (42 year old woman) but real difficulty in orgasm (months without one). Talk about frustrating!
My sexual side effects are two fold. My lobito has increased but my ability to ejactulate has decreased.

I was entertaining a sexual partner of mine for over four hours before I could ejaculate even a trickle.

Not to say she wasn't impressed with my newfound longevity, but sex isn't nearly as fun without the big 'O'.

I also take Wellbutrin, but not being able to ejaculate didn't start until I began using effexor also.

I've just started Venlafaxine 3 days ago. So far I feel like hell with side-effects and have also got serious sexual side-effects. After taking the first tablet the next day I couldn't ejaculate at all. Prozac it took a week before this side-effect happened.

For those of you who are fed up with sexual side-effects you might want to try Manerix (Moclobomide - MAOI). I was on it for 5 months and had NO side-effects what so ever. I was on 300mg. I think they say for Anxiety you need 600mg. I only stopped it because I found it never really helped my depression much. However, I've heard of many other people saying how much it helped them.

I used to wonder if my loss of sex drive was an age thing- I dont know if sex drive significantly decreases after puberty?

I'm 20 now, male and have been on Venafaxine for about a year. Starting on

37.5mg, then 75mg and now on 150mg daily. After I started taking it I was more concerned with the sickness and dizzyness symptoms but as soon as I started feeling a little better I noticed I was finding it really hard to get an errection, after a month or so this gradually got easier but ejaculating was still nearly impossible, another month or two later, I was gradually finding it easier to ejaculate and my sex drive has returned to an extent.

Anyways. One year after being on the drug- I still have a sex drive, but it's not as strong as before. Reaching a climax takes more time and concentration and keeping an errection for a long time can be difficult- I'm not sure if most men off the drug would find it tricky to stay errect for 30-60 minutes or however long it takes to climax or whether it's a side effect?

Hi takes more time to reach the big 'O' does this get better with time on these meds. only been on them for 2 weeks
can't say if the time to O will decrease, but if it goes the same way as other side effects then it should get better.
I have been on Effexor about a month or five weeks and found from Day 1 that orgasming was going to be a much rarer thing for me as long as I was on it. It does nothing to reduce my desire, nor do I get any less easily excited, but there is no "final page" to the story. Soooo frustrating!

I have succeeded in orgasming a few times, both by myself and with company, but it is a hit-or-miss proposition. Like someone said earlier, lasting longer is not something women usually complain about in a male lover!

On the other hand (pardon the pun), my depression has lifted!

The anorgasmia is dose related. I didn't start having that problem until I went up to 225. My doc just added wellbutrin though, and after 4 days I could orgasm again.

The frustrating thing has been that the effexor has increased my sex drive insanely, but I could not finish unless I was willing to devote an hour or more to vigorous self-stimulation. My girlfriend had no complaints, however, because I could last for hours.

Adding wellbutrin doesn't work for everyone. Other options i've read about are yohimbe and viagra, but yohimbe has a chance of causing serotonin syndrome, so be careful if you go that route.

I have been lurking on this board for several weeks now and would like thank you all for sharing your experiances. It has helped me gain a small bit of insite into what the person being treated goes through. I am dating a guy that is being treated for depression and is currently on Effexor xr. I met him on the internet and he lives in very far from me. He has been down to visit me and we have been intement. The sexual side effect of this drug almost cost our relationship. I was so confused as how I could get him excited but couldn't finish the job so to speak.I thought I was doing something wrong. And he kept blaming himself. I was ready to let him go ( push him away) because I felt I couldn't ask him to stay in a relationship that wasn't sexualy satisfing for both of us. The guilt over having multiple Os and him having none was eating me alive.He assured me that he gets pleasure from giving me pleasure but my question to him was is that going to be enough if we are to have a lasting relationship. Needless to say the conversation was very emotional and ended with me crying and making him cry and we went to sleep with it still hanging between us. When I woke up the next morning he was reading a book. I think the title is Living with depression. He read me a passage about Effexo that explained the sexual side effects. I felt so much better and he did a web search and found out that there are many people with this problem. That day I made a promise to him that I would support him and be with him until he told me to go. I made a promise to myself to learn all I can about this disease so I can be a supportive positive influence in his life.That is the day I found this forum and I am really glad I did.The reason I posted this is so you can get the perspective of someone on the otherside of the problem. Thanks for your time. Sorry this is so long I just had to share it.

Take care and be good.


Welcome to the forum. You should share this site with your boyfriend. It is a great place to find information.

I'm glad you pointed out the "other side" of the problem as I am never on

it, but you also pointed out some important aspects of managing sexual

side effects with your partner.

Educating yourself about the meds that you are taking and sharing that

information with your partner is so important, and talking it out together

even more so. There can be so many misunderstanding and misconceptions

otherwise. Working at talking about intimacy is a good thing. It can be

so hard for some people because of the way they were raised. But it goes

a long way in making everyone as happy and comfortable as possible.

Sounds like you and boyfriend have a good relationship and will work

through the rough patches...

I know from experience that when a guy can't keep it up or finish the girl thinks it's something she's doing wrong or that she doesn't turn him on anymore. These are common feelings in girls(at least all the one's i've been friends with or dated).

I assure you this is not the case. It's the meds, or anxiety, or depression, or a combination, and it is not your fault, so don't become offended or guilty feeling. Just be there for him and make sure to express ALL your emotions to each other.

I'm going through the male version of this.

Although I'm on Effexor with NO sexual sides (yet?), only dry eyes,My girl was on Lexapro for 6 months. It killed her libido. She didn't even tell me she was on it for the first 6 weeks until I sat her down and said "What is going on with us?!!!"

I was feeling totally inadequate. She would not, touch, kiss or hug me in bed as before. Foreplay was "hurry up"! Initially I was frustrated about the loss of this part of our relationship. I acted out my repressed anger even though I didn't want to. We have been on the brink of break up more than a few times over it. I don't want her to stop her meds and I want her to feel better because I love her, but it is hard living with a zombie! Her doc took her off the Lexapro two weeks ago, because it wasn't working as well. She is now on Prozac but from what I read, I can expect no change in Libido.

Hi All: I am a 51 year old female. Started taking Efffexor XR about one month ago. Had been taking Lexapro for about 7 months with no improvement. Since being on the Effexor I have had my first orgasm in about 1 1/2 years. Don't know if this is a trend....I hope so. I did not feel especially sexually excited in the begining but I did catch up to my spouse and things went well from there. It seems it does take me a bit longer to get the old engine running. good luck
Well, I'm new to the board, so before I start talking about sexual side

effects, I should tell you how long I've been on effexor. I've been on it

since August of 2002, and since then, I've been much happier and more

sociable and it really helped with the depression, (or so people tell me).

As for sexual side effects, I haven't noticed any. Previous to taking the

drug, I had a very little sex drive. I had no desire whatsoever for

anything sexual, which is odd for me, being 19 and all. After I started

taking it, my sex drive came back with a vengence, baby! But that's the

only thing I've noticed.

Wellbutrin (generic name bupropion) is available in the UK as Zyban, used for helping to quit smoking. So it is available in the UK just under a different name.

I am on effexor (venlafaxine) 150mg/day working up to 300mg/day (going up

75 mg each week) and also zyprexa (olanzapine) 2.5mg each evening. I have

found that my interest in sex has plummeted and I am pretty much unable to

orgasm. I'm a 21 year old female in a secure relationship (we live

together) and have had no previous sexual problems, even when my

depression & anxiety was at its worst, except for when on other meds. My

partner is incredibly understanding and I'm thankful for that, but I miss

enjoying and wanting sex! I do see the big picture and right now I need

these meds to get me through.

Reading through this thread I'm quite confused. Is it glinko bilboa or

ginseng that is the herbal remedy recommended to counteract the sexual

side effects? How much success have people had with this?

I understand Wellbutrin/Bupropion/Zyban is an antidepressant drug in its

own right. Is it common practice to add it to other ADs to counteract

sexual side effects? Is it ok do you think to ask the doctor to prescribe

it for you if you're having problems?

Sorry for all the qus, I am doing my own research into this as well but

finding it all incredibly confusing especially when concentration and

understanding whats going on around me isn't my strong point when I'm

going through an "episode".

I think also that is the Ginko Biloba that is supposed to help in these

matters but according to one Drug Interaction Checker it says that there

is a risk of increasing the effects of the efexor ( look at <

http://www.drugstore.com/ >

I couldn't get an erection on effexor
I was 21 years old, and impotent I think that it was caused by the overall negative effect that Effexor has on the vascular system, among many other things.
I have been one of the fortunate ones to not notice any issues relating to sexual side effects
I'm male, and I'm on E for the second time, just moved up to 75 mg. I

have a question about the slow response, difficult to ejaculate side

effect that occurred on my previous attempt, and seems to be a common side


Does that pass with time? I stayed on a couple of months the last time,

and didn't notice any change in side effects--I still yawned a lot, crazy

(sometimes entertaining dreams), and lights seemed a bit overly bright.

Just wondered if SE's tend to decrease with time.

Thanks. Good energy to all.

i have had major sexual side effects from effexor.. i don't even want sex or even remmeber what an orgasm is....

However the show must go on they say... so with that in mind i went and

bought the KY warming liquid... its great!!! i still can't have an orgasm

but its made sex much more enjoyable....

and single people... go ahead and buy it.. its great for yourself too ;)

I had sexual problems when i was on Luvox and my p-doc added Buspar 20 mgs daily and i was back to normal
I had an increase of libedo (sp?) while on effexor.

i was on 300mg daily for 4 months +.

i found the greatest need/urge came from pressure changes (or maybe thats

just me) such as after taking a flight, or after scuba diving.

i did find that effexor didnt give me the energy buzz that it normally

gives users. Which im tending to think might be connected to its sexual


So it's not just me . . . (I did kknow that)! Yes, depression squelches

my libido, the zoloft squelched it - my dr switched me to Wellbutrin (gave

me headaches & made me vomit - daily - not a sexy thing!!) - then to

Effexor. Effexor made the biggest mood improvement & didn't seem to be a

libido-crusher but lately - I feel like a very bad partner because I just

have no interest. So I am working iwth my dr & a naturopath to sort

things out. Sure hope there is something that works for me. The ideal

situation would be: normal moods & normal libido!!

I do wish you luck. But remember its not quantity that counts but quality!
I am taking 150mg of Effexor and have been for approximately nine months.

Libido is fine but orgasm...oi! I used to be a very orgasmic female but

Effexor has changed that quite a bit. I can have one but it takes a lot

more effort than it used to. Fortunately my husband doesn't mind working

on it. ;)

I am new to this board and saw this topic - and thought

Oh good - because - I haven't talked to my doc about it....since

increasing my dose of Effexsor to 300mg (6 weeks ago from 150) - I can not

have an orgasm - and believe me I have tried...and tried...and tried...

I would love any advice .... thanks

I do recommend that you talk to your dr, there may be another med that he

could augment your efexor with. However some folk in this thread have

suggested marital aids (the battery kind). I'm single so maybe I'm not

the best person to ask, but perhaps your partner and you could experiment

a little (or a lot) or take a bit of time exploring your bits. Try

something new!

Tongues, creams, lotions, touching caressing, kissing (lots of that)

sharing a bath or shower. Its amazing what soapy bubbles can be like and

you have to clean every little bit . One boyfriend of mine tried a

mouthfull of liquid along with his tongue

Also I know that an O is amazing but don't you think that at times we

concentrate so much of achieving an O we miss out on the pleasure of our

bodies being together and touching each other. If an O is impossible then

maybe its a small price to pay for the benefits efexor gives us.

Now maybe I'm speaking a load of crap, but accepting that an O isn't

always going to be guaranteed means that you won't be disappointed when

you don't get one. You won't be on efexor for ever (and if you were going

to be then definitely talk to your dr) and the Os will be back.

sorry if it sounds muddled. I don't think I've got the words out right.

I hope you are sucessful. Do go to the doc if its really bothering you.

All SSRI's I've been on have decreased libido and physical sexual side effects are prevalent (male, 38 years old).

Though it won't help libido, I tried some Viagra and holy sh*t it worked

for the physical side effects!! This is NOT an option if you are on meds for blood pressure - not allowed with Viagra.

I'm not on effexor so I hope it is OK to post this. Also, I didn't read

throught this thread, so if someone already suggested this sorry for the


On another board I post on, and individual from Australia has had great

luck using remeron to counter act the side effects of effexor. For him,

remeron takes away the nausea he experienced on high doses of effexor and

made him able to have an erection again and able to climax.

Just passing this along. Hope that was OK.

I was put on effexor xl (xr) 75 I noticed the sexual numbness from day

one. I notice I'm very dry (I'm male). Would a lubricant help? Sorry if

this is embarrassing. The penis produces natural lubricants, either under the foreskin or from the tip. I get neither on the medication. During sex this wouldn't matter, but, er....

of course you can use a lubricant. And safe sex as well I hope. KY Jelly or somethjng similar. Petroleum jelly, some massage oils (becareful if using with condoms) etc. Even saliva can help...
I have been on this medication and other SSRI's for 4 1/2 years for

anxiety. I decided to wean off of it because I do not like the weight

gain and sexual side effects.

I have been weaning off very slowly and am currently down to less than

half of the 37.5 mgs. I take a product called Immunocal, which is a

supplement, to help curb the funky side effects of withdrawls. The only

side effects that I am having is a little dizziness and some headaches.

The Immunocal really helps get rid of these. I also take my vitamins and

supplements regularly which is vital in my opinion. I hope to be

completely off of this medication within a month.

The good news is that the sexual side effects have dissappeared which is


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I've been on Effexor for about 6 weeks now.

The first month I was on 75mg a day, now I'm on 150 a day.

I have noticed that I'm having a lot of trouble having an orgasm during sex with my wife.

The wierd thing though, is that although it takes a bit longer than usual, I AM able to ejaculate when I *********.

I wonder if it's all in my head?

About two weeks ago I was really tired and back hurt and we had sex, but I couldn't ejaculate.  No erectile problem though.

Since then, we've tried about 5 times, no ejaculation any of these times.

I wonder if I'm worrying about not being able to ejaculate when we're together, and am psyching myself out?

Because when I'm alone, there's no pressure, and no problem?

And if it is partly the effexor, do these side effects go away after you've been on the meds for awhile?

Thanks, this problem is really distressing both of us.


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I'm a female so I'm maybe not the best person to be asking these questions to.  In fact I won't be able to offer much of an answer.   But I can give you my thoughts.    There can be problems with ejaculation on Effexor (says so in the drug info leaflet) but you say theres a difference between M and S so maybe it could be psychological or physical (different stimulation etc).   With ************* you have that much more control over the stimulation etc.

You say yourself you feel there is no pressure when M but there is when you have sex with your wife.  Can you ask yourself (and your wife why)?   Do you need/want to orgasm everytime you have sex?  I appreciate that it would be the icing on top of the cake.  A lot of women don't or can't orgasm whilst having penetrative sex, but I know that men orgasm at ejaculation.  

There is an old chinese belief that men should only ejaculate about once every 10 times they have sex otherwise they lose a lot of their 'energy'.  With women orgasm doesn't result in a loss of energy.

Most side effects do go away and some only reduce (sweating, vivid dreams).  I can't really say much about libido or other sexual side effects.  I'm single so I don't really notice much reduction.  

I'd say to you and your wife not to worry or be upset about this, perhaps you could try and become closer in other ways, be experimental, explore each others bodies, massage etc.    If you are uptight about the non-orgasm then its likely to affect it even more because it is on your mind.

I'd also suggest that you talk to your dr about this, (s/he has heard about this before so don't be embarressed).  

Another thought which might be way off the mark is how are you and your wife doing?  Any problems with your relationship?  I'm not asking these questions expecting you to reply but I have experienced a male having problems with ejaculation when our relationship was on its way out.  This is not to suggest that there is a problem with your relationship.  

Do talk to your dr about this.  Try not to worry about the non-ejaculation - it doesn't seem to be a physical problem since there are times you can ejaculate.  You don't have to be superman in bed 100% of the time.   Reassure your wife that you still love her no matter if you ejaculate or not she'll problem return the compliment.

I hope that things improve.

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Thanks for your reply, I really mean it!

I had more to add, but I'm having troubel thingking right now, so I'll get back to it later.

Thanks, -k

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My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin SR 30 mg to help with my sexual side effects. I am also taking 300mg of Effexor. I am now on the generic Bupropion. From the beginning of taking Wellbutin, it worked great! I felt like a newly wed! It is still working for me and the Effexor helped me to lose weight. 30lbs! I know we all react differently to anti-depressants but I'm glad they are working for me. So long.

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I've been on Effexor for about 6 weeks now.

The first month I was on 75mg a day, now I'm on 150 a day.

I have noticed that I'm having a lot of trouble having an orgasm during sex with my wife.

The wierd thing though, is that although it takes a bit longer than usual, I AM able to ejaculate when I *********.

I wonder if it's all in my head?

About two weeks ago I was really tired and back hurt and we had sex, but I couldn't ejaculate.  No erectile problem though.

Since then, we've tried about 5 times, no ejaculation any of these times.

I wonder if I'm worrying about not being able to ejaculate when we're together, and am psyching myself out?

Because when I'm alone, there's no pressure, and no problem?

And if it is partly the effexor, do these side effects go away after you've been on the meds for awhile?

Thanks, this problem is really distressing both of us.


Its not all in your head, This is exactly how it was with my BF . He was ok solo( took much longer than before effexor) but when we were together no O for him.

  He has since switched meds to welbutrin, I have not seen him since the switch ( we live 1200 miles apart) But I will be going up and staying with him for 4 months soon. :D He says solo is better since the switch. I am hoping it will be better for him with me as well.

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The sexual side effects i've noticed is that it takes me longer to reach orgasm... :hearts: Anyone else have that? I can still reach it, but it takes me much longer then it used too.... :bump:

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I have read from other posts that that is a common occurence.  At least you can still achieve the 'O' LOL


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I stopped Efexor in January and since then I haven't felt any sexual urge, but then I don't have a partner so not noticed anything different.


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Just adding my experience as my first post. :hearts:

I've been on Effexor (150mg) for.. a while (couldn't tell you how long). I'm 23 and have had no libido on effexor or my previous AD, celexa. None. Zip. It's been a big strain on my relationship because I'm not functioning like a normal girlfriend.

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I've been on Effexor (150mg) for.. a while (couldn't tell you how long). I'm 23 and have had no libido on effexor or my precious AD, celexa. None. Zip. It's been a big strain on my relationship because I'm not functioning like a normal girlfriend.

I'm sorry its like this. Have you talked to your dr about it as well as your partner. You may want to think about changing from the efexor.

Remember too that depression itself can cause a lack of libido.

I hope that things improve.


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I'm sorry its like this. Have you talked to your dr about it as well as your partner. You may want to think about changing from the efexor.

Remember too that depression itself can cause a lack of libido.

I hope that things improve.


Hmm... for me I found it increased my sexual desire.

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I think it may do that as a sign that you are getting better, that the effexor is working for you and that you don't have any sexual side effects.


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The sexual side effects and Effexor XR for me have been great! I didn't realize what a real sex drive was until Effexor. I not only have my sex drive back but it's better than before my depression. I am wearing my poor husband out. :hearts:

I do have two gripes: One is that my orgasms are not as good. It's either harder to reach orgasm or when I do it just poof and it's gone. Two is that I am constantly "on" to the point of being swollen and aggrivated. Within a few moment of orgasm I am turned on again. It's maddening but a lot of fun.

In the past I have taken prozac which killed what little was in me sexually and Celexa which did the same until my pdoc added wellbrutrin. That combo brought it partially back but not completely.

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Out of all the different AD's I've been on the last 16 years. Effexor has the least side effects for me. Most of the AD's I have used have just about killed all of my sex drive. Effexor has only given me impotence problems here and there. For me it

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when i was taking Effexor, i would experience difficulty ejaculating. it was frusterating at first, but once i realised that women liked it when i could last longer, it didn't bother me so much.

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I think Effexor has been the most benevolent and effective remedy for my Anxiety/Depressive condition. But also the most effective destroyer of libido. Given the choice I would rather be sane and able to cope with life than be a sexual person. But I would rather be both.

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I have stopped taking effexor about two weeks ago. I've been on it for years, and now I don't really think I need it at all. Does anyone know when your sex drive is supposed to return? Because, honestly, it hasn't yet, and I'm beside myself. I just started a new relationship and it's so frustrating.

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I would have thought that things would have returned to normal within a few weeks, but if not perhaps you should see your dr and talk things over with her/him.


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