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Struggling to meet expectations


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I decided I'm not returning to school for the spring semester. I think it would be a waste of money considering how poorly i did this semester. Right now i'm doing this because i have 8 assignments to make up for and im extremely overwhelmed. My parents have been taking away my phone because they think it will help my depression but my phone is my only coping mechanism. Every night they take my phone its like hell in my brain. I've been sneaking video games here and there but overall it sucks a lot. I tried to explain this to my parents but they just think it's withdrawals from my video game addiction which to me is ridiculous. It just feels really bad to be punished for not doing things that my depression makes it extremely hard to do like going outside and schoolwork and getting a job. I have an interview next week so hopefully theyll be more lenient if i get the job but im not sure that they will. So that's where i'm at, i have no idea how to get schoolwork done while i'm so depressed but i suppose i'll try.

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I’m sorry you’re in a tough place. I can see your dilemma with your parents, but it isn’t their life to live. I understand they want what is best, but some people don’t want the opportunity of school or would rather wait for when it fits their timing and needs, and I think that should be respected and discussed.

I did not go to college straight out of high school, because I knew it would be a waste, and hard to obtain with prior obligations. But when the time was right for me, I did it.

Maybe you should have a sit down with them and explain exactly how you worded it here. They cannot know your inner thoughts and feelings, unless you express that to them. I think it would be wise of both sides to listen without interruption and then work together to come to a healthy conclusion that works best for YOU, as it is your life. But you will have to consider and adapt to anything that also affects theirs for mutual understanding and respect.

Wishing you the very best in your next journey.

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