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My Story With People - The Dark Side of The Internet People Still Overlook (Trigger Warning Possibly)

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Where do I even start to be honest, I hope what I write in this thread possibly educates or even help someone perhaps. To let them know there not alone in this and I too was and sorta am still haunted by this that it caused me to get C-PTSD because of what people done to me online the most. However  now I'm  not surviving  anymore  but thriving and becoming more at peace and happy with my life. Learning to let go and not let what happen to me effect or ruin my life anymore. This is my story I joined here to " try " to converse with others practicing my social skills being around people again online. You heard or possibly heard over the years and still hear the horror stories that happens online with some unlucky innocent people excluding kids and teenagers. Though it can also just as well effect adults just as much too. You heard about Catfishing, bullies, pedos, creeps, extreme mental health individuals from those who won't seek help nor want it. Them then brining you down with them severely with your own mental health at stake. You trying your very best to help or even safe them from not ending there lives. That it becoming a extremely dangerous road for you to be around this person as you think you stop helping best you can they end it and you then blame yourself.


However that's not all what happens online today still that people don't talk  about. Nor want too because it happen  to them and there ashamed or blame themselves for falling for it or it happening to them. Really anyone reading this online is not as safe as you may think nor a good place to post a lot of your information  on and pictures as well. It is dangerous to tell the real harsh truth, you can believe me or not but it is the truth. 


Where you can meet extremely messed up individuals that enter your lives that could cause stalking, threatening you, exposing you by black mailing and anything else you hear as well in movies and television today like hackers as well. I'm here to tell you what I wrote happen to me about half of those things starting at age ten when I met a pedo online. Thus began my traumatizing journey  being online like every other kid and teenager  was in the 2000s. It being the popular thing to be so call cool and accepted by everyone.


People in society  today don't  really talk at all about these things to kids and teenagers not enough as they truly should. To truly prevent kids, teens or even adults taking there own lives or other very bad things happen. I mean really talk and explain what could happen if you post pretty much your whole life sharing it on social media, pictures, information and ect. People can and will use it to steal your identity if your not careful causing those types of problems for you if your not cautious as you should be when talking to people online.


As for talking to people online today in this society it's okay to do it since a lot or half of the population in this world only have online sources to interact and meet people. However no one really wants to do or try to be cautious when talking to yes strangers online and be friend them just like that. Listen you truly and many people including my family even professional  therapists  told me you don't  truly know anyone online at all. It takes years to truly know someone and trust someone online. A process I do is talk to them a long time do voice and video chat with them to prove they are who they say. 


Then if you both want meet each other irl and hang out and know what they look like then I think thats alright. Not knowing what they look like or sound like. Since they give you excuses of them not wanting to even just for a minute  to prove to you they are who they say is a major reg flag. So then you should reconsider  talking to them in my opinion and what I learned myself over the years for safety. All this is the dark side of the internet people ignore and think it won't happen to them so be friends someone quickly, fall in love and date quickly and ect. People truly don't  get it can effect them badly as for me traumnically and pretty much ruin there lives if not careful as they know they should.


I could go on for hours of telling you all the red flags to be careful of if meeting people or already been talking to them if there truly legit and being 100% truthful to you about who they are. But that would take a long time so sadly I can't say it all to be more helpful this this post is probably long already. However I think anyone reading this gets the idea of being safe online and what you should and shouldn't  do so none of these things happen to you.


I've  tried to help while being online more active at age fourteen to people sharing my story and trying to save them from my fate I had happen to me sadly.  Some listened to me took my advice and thanked me. While others didn't care and thought I was werid or wrong and didn't appreciate it, since that what I said wasn't a big deal. Or it wouldn't happen to them and just put themselves out not caring  like everyone did to be normal,  cool and accepted by society. 


All I said here is the truth as well my opinions we should all do or try and be more cautious when being online I suggest to help you be safe. I would be saddened if anything I went  through happened to anyone as well. Lastly I like to say follow your intuition,  if you feel even the slightest off about a person, things don't  make sense or add up about them there a person you need to leave and not have in your life for your mental health and safety. It's your choice what you choose to do with your life just be careful is all. You can listen to me or not but it's what I learned over the years.


**Note: I hope this alright to post this and hope no one gets mad and debates with me on my post. I'm  just sharing my story and vewis on online safely and my opinions on how to make it safer. No one has to take my advice since its your choice and life to do what you want. Also believe in what you think is right for you.  I also include meeting tons of liars,  manipulators, rude, judgmental, racist and fake people during my time growing online too of types of people I met online. That's all I wanted to add. 

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I had awful things happen to me as a child as well.  My mind blocked out my entire childhood for about a decade.  You know I wish I never remembered any of it but I had to get myself sober and figure out why I was doing what I was doing to myself day after day.  Every single thing comes back to you in sobriety and hits you right in the face.  I know exactly how you feel.  Of course you don't trust people.  We can not let the awful things we went through ruin our lives though.  I'm not saying you have to do anything but don't let what happened to you stop you from getting whatever life you want.  Please don't let the monster win!:hugs:

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Thank you for your reply, I very much appreciate it and also very sorry you've also been through stuff like this as well. I don't let any of my past of being online, all the traumatizing events as I stated above that some happen to me take over and consume me like it did when I was a teenager till age twenty eight. I'm  so extremely strong now as well wise knowing how to protect myself from such things as well keep away from people such as those I stated. I'm  at peace with it more and do like being by myself as well if I never have deep bonds with a person again online or in real life.

I have ever right not to want that any relations with people if I choose too. Since I was twenty eight I finally said enough is enough and stood up for myself not letting the darkness win anymore.To finally put me first taking care of myself mentally,  physically,  emotionally,  and spirituality. I wrote my quote on here that I hope everyone reads  know they can get past anything hurting them right now just as I did if they choose to do so. Only you can change yourself no one can for you, anyone only help by encouraging and supporting you. That's just the harsh truth of it, however thats what I believe if people think that isn't the case.



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