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To All DF Members To Remember Who Are Thinking About Giving Up - Quote


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Here is a quote I made for those lost in the dark like I was many years ago. You're not alone and can get through anything you are currently facing. Just remember the harsh truth of it is YOU'RE choice. 


The harsh truth we all must know that some don't accept nor understand is we all have a choice. To stand up once again and fight or wallow in our sadness from the pain we endured. As well as pretty much complaining over and over like a broken record to everyone about our problems not doing what others suggest. Saying woe is me, pity me, help me, why won't you help me? All questions that you know can be a simple fix if you choose to change or willing to try. It's goings to be tremendously difficult to stop the pain we feel in our hearts, unbearable, and drive us mad. However, the process of changing one's self can be done in many ways with encouragement from support but mainly it comes down to your willingness to change. To do something about your problems and the dilemma going on in your life. Though know this before you choose to give up and to give in as well wander in the darkness, swallowed by your pain and suffering. Anyone can overcome their struggles you're currently facing, anyone. Heck, It's not going to be easy just like that a simple quick fix as we all wish magically would happen. The journey will be even more unpleasant since you're in the process of changing. Changing yourself for the better choose to live than suffer in your pain and despair is much better you think and would like that to happen for you? They're be ups and downs along of course along the way to the path of healing. Since nothing is perfect nor ever will be. Though it can be done if you choose to get up and say enough is enough and do something about your problems in your life. Try and remember that when your struggling and going through a hard time. Do you want to feel better and be happy, or not? That's completely your choice and up to you and only you. Only you can help yourself and fully change your life. Very harsh as it sounds its though its the absolute truth - JLA


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<a href="https://www.depressionforums.org/forums/topic/178646-to-all-df-members-to-remember-who-are-thinking-about-giving-up-quote">https://www.depressionforums.org/forums/topic/178646-to-all-df-members-to-remember-who-are-thinking-about-giving-up-quote</a>
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