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Am i stupid for giving him a chance?

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(So i found out i was pregnant again on the 13th. I was using contraceptives with my ex so i guess it was one of those things. The day my nurse told me i conceived I remembered taking conteceptives so when I knew I was pregnant I got back with my ex..Anywho to the question..)

my bf is a good man he works hard, loves his mother he takes care of her and pays her bills BUT-- he smokes cigars and weed and drinks occasionally.  Well no let me stop. It can be alot. Before people say you have bad taste in men, I liked the man he presented to me. He hid his habits so I just saw a hardworking sweet man that doted on me. What he presented to me.
Now i know abt him selling and having an ankle bracelet.
Hes a sweet guy but i worry. Like i wonder if our baby will get taken bc of that? Bc of his habits.  It just worries me.
I also didnt feel like keeping the baby from him bc my oldest sons dad went to jail for dui and i felt he was unfit so I kept the baby a secret.
I felt wrong doing it again when at the very least he's a decent guy.
What should i have done.
Did I do the right thing?
I worry alot about the baby. I think about adoption alot but he kniws abt the baby and would fight like hell bc thats his baby and his first. 


i feel i need a counselor at this point bc this coupled with my home life is driving me insane 

idk what the right thing to do is. 


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Honestly, you have to determine if you just got back with the guy because of pregnancy.

If you dont like his habits and dont think he is responsible, do what is best for the child.

If it was me I would find someone responsible, if he really likes the baby he should have custody but he has red flags to a judge so they would not.

Maybe ask a lawyer for advice

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