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Bottling Up


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I know it's not without its risks but I don't think I've got any other option right now. It's either that, bottle up, stiff upper lip, build a wall, or alienate anyone I care about. I'm not a good person to be around, physically or virtually. I've been depressed ages and frankly, it's boring, it's tedious. And this is to me, so god knows what it must be like for anyone else close to me. 

So where do you start? How do you thicken your skin and build a bit more resolve? How do you stop being so bothered about what other people think, how do you take your own thoughts and feelings, put them in a box and just forget about them? How do you get over the idea that you've got no right to how you feel? How do you get past the feeling that you're nothing more than a burden? How do you deal with the conflict of feeling like, morally, you should be able to be honest with yourself and others around you, while feeling like you can't because you don't meet society's expectations.

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Welcome Rich W, sorry to understand you're a veteran of these battles.  Your list of "How to"s covers a lot of the questions DFers ask themselves.  How come I can't fit in?  And why does that depress me?  I think bad as it is, it's better to have these questions, and look for answers, or at least be open to them.   That's not much I know.  Looking at posts here can sometimes offer new ways to approach depression and anxiety.  You can always try Bob Dylan's advice as it applies to individuals in your life though.🤠

"And if anybody asks you if it's easy to forget.  Just say it's easily done, you just pick anyone and pretend that you never have met." 

Good luck, Bulgakov

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My comment to Rich W is to pay attention to your metaphors.

Wall, bottle, thicken skin, box and so on can be insightful.

We are never helpless confronting Old Man Depression.

Metaphors only exist when we imagine, pretend and make believe them into existence.

Metaphors allow us to change our thinking and counteract any and all negative thoughts.

Metaphors allow us to play clever tricks right back to Old Man Depression.

My motto: DESPAIR not /REPAIR a lot.

We all have unlimited access to metaphorical repair tools.

Always willing to discuss the power of metaphors.



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