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Anyone tried TMS therapy?


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I have appointment on Monday. I think the course will run 4 weeks. From what I saw on YT it says "1 out of 3 people will be practically cured, one somewhat helped and one no help". But it has no side effects.

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Hi Zagor, 

Yes, I have tried it over this summer. I did the recommended duration (35 sessions I think?), then another 15 because I did not feel any difference. The treatment itself was fine, I got used to the odd feeling of the pulsing. But I came to the conclusion it did not change the way I felt. I would recommend going to a very reputable place, one that has experienced TMS people, and have done this many times. If they do not do the correct "mapping" procedure it may not be as effective. The mapping is the first session where they move the unit around your head and change settings and such to see where the best location for treatment should be. 

I do not believe I had any lasting side effects, though sometime right after my speech seemed a bit slurred. Make sure to tell them if you have any muscle twitching during the sessions, as this is not supposed to happen.

I wish you the best of luck with this! I know it works for some people. Love to hear your experience. Peace. 

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Thanks for reply. In here they only do left side of the brain. It is well known that doing both sides is more beneficial but they have their "protocols".

Also, the doc said people who responf they feel good about 6 months and that's it. I asked what then. He said maintain it with meds. But I was sent there and they do it to people who a re treatment resistant, how can I maintain it with meds if they don't work? He got confused.

I don't know. Its free, but I am not sure

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