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I have tired cbd in the past and it helped but it gave me severe tummy upset but it helped my mood but I couldn’t continue as the side effects were very severe. Cbd is a part of the hemp plant that does not get people high and contains only trace amounts of htc less than 1%.

I decided to find an alternative way to consume cbd and I found cbd flowers from a reputable place online and I vaped them and it helped my mood, my stress levels without giving enough the bad side effects and it’s helped me sleep the best sleep I’ve had in a while, I put my head on the pillow last night and awoke at 1pm feeling rested. At the weekends I get very stressed from dealing with the food delivery and I had some cbd before the delivery and I was peaceful,relaxed and managed to function and that’s a big step for me because I get grumpy. Where I live cbd is sold over the counter at the pharmacy and vaping the cbd flowers seems to have been more effective for me and less side effects and is more economical then the oil or gummies which are very expensive and don’t agree with me. I feel able to do more in a day and do it peacefully and I can function and if you knew me I don’t function well doing tasks 

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