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What is reasons of depression?

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5 hours ago, Anav Sharma said:

Anyone tell me the reason of depression 

Hi @Anav Sharma, and as you appear to be fairly new here, welcome!

No one here on df is a mental health professional and in the position to define depression conclusively, or how it comes about. Even  professionals have difficulty as to the how and why and are anything but at an agreement, it would seem.

What we can do though, is share our respective experiences and perhaps shed light to others (and perhaps ourselves) as to why we feel the way we feel. If you browse about on df, you will come across many of us explaining why we are here, what issues we have, how we deal with them. It might help you gain more insight as to what deprssion is about. I believe I speak for many of us here on DF when I say we are still figuring stuff out ourselves...

Hope you are doing ok.

All the best!

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@Anav Sharma, it's different for everyone. Literally. There are physical, mental, environmental, spiritual and a myriad of other factors involved in a person's depressed state - or sometimes it's a combination of things.

For me, I had a difficult childhood that led to recurring feelings of depression. The depressed episodes lasted longer and longer until they sort of became my default setting. 

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I have depression because I feel it is genetic and then I have a life situation that causes me chronic stress.  Chronic stress leads me to depression.  I will be mentally ill (bipolar, mainly depressive side) for the rest of my life.  I don't like that fact yet it is just the way it is.  Medication helps me immensely and I will be on it the rest of my life.  I am lucky to have found a great psychiatrist.  

As for natural remedies for depression, acupuncture has helped me immensely in the past.  It helps me with stress, therefore depression.

So this is my story.  I hope you find peace and feel better.  Depression is not a a good place to be in.  I have surrendered to the fact I will probably be depressed, not all the time, just frequently. Surrendering allows me to come to some sort of peace with it.  And staying on my meds is totally the answer, for me.

Best wishes on your journey.  Everyone is different,  I am just sharing my story.


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Depression is not a disease but it is a mental health problem , It is not difficult to overcome from it.  Includes the loss of interest increase fatigue and sleeping problems, changes in appetite and weight. You can see "Black Dog Mental Health Charity" to help these types of problems. 

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Depression can be caused due to various reasons. I was facing depression and trauma like disorder for over 4 years. And some times I feel better and feel down in another time. Seek some  expertise opinion about depression and anxiety. 

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i think it's very different for everyone. i think it has to do with a variety of symptoms like many said personal experiences, ptsd/trauma, sometimes it's generic (runs in the family) hormones..... there's no 100% certain answer..

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