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I'm Back With PTSD

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Hey everyone. I haven't been in here in a while. I have been doing okay. As you may know I have been struggling a bit with my mom's passing. I am still taking medication and going to therapy. My therapist just diagnosed me with PTSD today.  I already have anxiety, panic attacks, mood disorder, and depression. When she told me I had a panic attack. Well, after I left.  I hate going to sleep at night because sometimes the dreams are about when my mom was sick. I stay up late because I know what will happen. During the day, I mean I don't think about it. I tend to think about the good stuff, but sometimes I will think about when my Mom was sick, but that's not every day. I have a journal, but I don't write in that too much.  The thing I'll be diagnosed with is ADHD. I was asked by a therapist years ago if I had ever been diagnosed with ADHD and I told her no.

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I am sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. I lost my mother last December due to cancer which she fought very hard for 10 months. It was a relief to know she was no longer suffering but still very hard for me and my family. We think about her everyday and even went to visit her grave yesterday. It was a strange feeling because it felt more joyous than before. I hope that you find that peace too. Do you have a good support system? It helped me tremendously. That and simply feeling like my mother is happy and in a much better place. I always tell myself that she is with her family, friends, and my brother who passed away some 40 years before her. I think the heartache will never go away but I pray that you find some peace and comfort. 

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