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So yesterday was my babys bday. He turns 1... My dickhead sperm donor decides to ignore him, the baby. I dont give a shit abt myself but ignorinf a baby on his bday is ridiculous. 

2. He watched me put up all his decorations, he didnt help ..he helped his fat ass to the cupcakes and cake... But he can pull them all down. All 

3. He still talks shxt about me. And brags what hes gonma do with his money from the accident. 


For once im not depressed... Im just mad as hell. 


I hate my mother 4 still tolerating this idiot 

Whwn i help her more than him but she just says.. Oh just ignore it. 



Im done with my piss poor family. 


Only my brother is good. Just him.

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Happy birthday to your baby. And congrats to u for being so strong to take care of her for a whole year.

The sperm donar sounds very irresponsible. I can’t believe u have to put up with him cos I sure can’t. 

I know it hurts to have him around and yet we still expect him to change n be better human being at least. But I don’t think guys like him will ever change 😞 

Hope your baby’s second birthday next year is much better than the first one. But at least u did manage to have a birthday celebration that’s something I guess.

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