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Things to do to feel better?


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Hey everyone!

For starters, I want to say that I know we’re going through tough times right now with COVID and that we’re not able to see our loved ones. I’m thankful to be living with my parents, however, I know that many (especially those older than me) don’t have that luxury. I’ve heard of cases of depression rising due to this newfound isolation and I just want everyone to try to stay strong because it WON’T be like this forever. I’m also very sorry for anyone who lost a loved one to this virus. My condolences for you and your family.

Now, I haven’t been on here since I was 17/18, and I’m now 22. Unfortunately, I still have depression..and I’ve spiraled downhill. I was in the best relationship EVER...my very first, actual relationship. And I blew it because I can’t function correctly with my depression (although we talk and he is very supportive of me). My self care sucks, I can barely get out of bed, I’m extremely tired, I’m too lazy to eat, I got a dog (that I love to Pluto and back!) as an emotional support animal...and he needs emotional support too from what I see.. but I can barely get up to walk him.. I’m not going into work and I’m thankful that my manager understands my situation.. it’s..a lot. I’ve take many anti-depressants throughout the years and I don’t know if I can say they did anything. I know a pill will never be a miracle, but isn’t it supposed to help me feel better? And I don’t mean numb. I already feel emotionally numb, sometimes to the point where I don’t even feel human. As in, colors being brighter, sounds being richer...25-50% opposite of clinical depression. I see a therapist twice a week, nutritionist weekly, and psychiatrist monthly.

I wanted to know what you’d suggest I do (besides medication) to help me to feel better? I’m so tired of feeling like this and I just want to be able to do things for myself, socialize instead of isolating myself, focus on my career path (acting), and just...so things that I KNOW I love, but don’t feel interested in....if that makes sense. Please help? Thank you xoxo!

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Actually I’m not sure how to get out of depression..when I have my periods of depression, nothing I do helps. I just have to ride the waves of constant crying and anger and emotional and mental voices and hurting the people around me and just ride it till it pass. Having understanding people around who can relate to us does help. I follow some mental help accounts on IG and websites that send me constant emails on mental health. But sometimes I feel it has to get very very bad before it gets better. Like I’ll reach a certain point when I don’t care anymore n just stand at the top of the building apartment to get away from everyone and thinking nothing will help n I should just jump off. When I’ve done that a few days, slowly I just feel I should just do things for myself, I can’t leave yet. Why must I continue suffering like this, there must be better things in life? Then slowly the feeling gets a little bit better especially if there are one or two people that actually lets me talk all my rubbish out. 

its like a wave that comes n goes n comes again. I don’t know how others do it, but that’s my experience. 

ok i don’t know if that answers your question.. I think there r many different ways to try to help u feel better? I actually feel you have done a lot already. I don’t take medication can it be that numb feeling comes from your medication? Can your many doctor help on that? If it’s something u love but not interested in, does that mean u don’t really love it but just think u love it cos others love it? If not, it might be something u need to force yourself to do, cos sometimes we feel too “comfortable” not doing anything because we r used to it and need something forceful to push us to do it. Do try many things so that u can know if u love it or not. Or get friends who understand u to persuade u to do something. Networking with friends I think is important to get us moving.

Hope things get better for u.

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I ask myself:

What might I be doing were it not for depression?

What might give me a feeling of purpose in life?

Are my relationships with people fulfilling, sustaining? Am I tending to them?

How do I love myself more so that I don't need to fill that hole by seeking love from another?

What am I carrying from the past that's making it hard to move forward? 

When did I become so scared of new experiences that I began to cut myself off from all experiences?


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A while ago I had a very devastating break up and betrayel on a cold winter night. When this happened I felt very cold inside.

What helped me was that I did not define myself based on the feelings I had but what I did with them. My soul was like a junkyard with an incinerator and I would burn these emotions to create energy.

I ended up getting the college degree my ex wanted me to get and I got a nice job. All along the way, I simply used my pain andd suffering as means of motivation.

I turned to bodybuilding because pushing my body really hard and feeling the pain was a safer way than self harm and was a therapuetic and expressive outlet where I could take out my male aggression.

I also used a lot of art and music. I find the right music will awaken your soul and I think you should search for music that inspires you and try to make your own as well.

There are a ton of things I did and you just have to find what works for you as a unique person becuase we are all different. I wod focus on what type of feeling you have and what a good solution is.

For example, angry you can get a punching bag. Sad you can hug your dog or watch a movie or song. Tired, try to sleep more. Hungry try to not skip meals. These are some examples for simple feelings you will have to dig deeper for the more complex ones.

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On 10/26/2020 at 8:49 PM, Depressedgurl007 said:

its like a wave that comes n goes n comes again.

Depressedgurl is right about it being like a wave. Though I see it more as a tsunami. It slowly builds, gathering more and more til it breaks. Everyone has good ideas to try. You have to try different things to find what works for you. 

It took me 20+ years to find the right therapist and a doctor who who specializes in psych medications. I wish there was a magic pill we could take to be rid of mental health problems, but until there is one, just hang on and know that there are people here who understand. So vent, cry , scream to us when you need to.

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