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The ******* of a sacred deer.

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*Spoiler alert*

That was definitely a "WTF did I just watch?!" moment if I've ever had one..  The ending to this movie made the ending to Hereditary make sense (in contrast..).

The entire movie made so little sense if I'm being honest.. How does some screwloose nutjob kid threaten the lives of your children, and you don't call the cops?

I do however have one theory, as I feel it is implied in so many ways throughout the movie. I think the dad was a total pedo. He pedoed his own son, and he pedoed that screwball kid. The kid's father probably found out about it, or was acting nosey, hence why it's implied that he let the kid's dad die on purpose. The mother probably knows about it,  and is just one of those mothers in those scenarios in which she's too afraid to go to authorities about it, or slight potential, she's in on it (to assume otherwise would be a gender bias).

The sister definitely knows, and that's why she totally plays into it with the psycho kid.  Of course the biggest red flag to that theory is when the dude describes to his prepubecent son of his .. experience.. lusting after his own father.. I mean.. seriously.. who tells their kid that at all, nvm at that age..  Not to mention, how he kept referring to his son as "darling".  Actually, upon further deliberation, I think he actually formed a relationship with the crazy kid before. That would explain why the kid is tryin so hard to get the guy with his mom; so they could live together.. Also, why the kid acted so jaded when the guy reduced contact with him. Also, the way in which the wife confronted him "how long have you been seeing this kid". She worded it in a way that made it sound like he was dating the kid..

As much as this entire movie was a total cringefest, honestly the cringiest parts for me, was when the nutter was being so pushy about hanging out with the guy. Like, before I even pondered the above theory; just the way the kid was in general was so cringey.. Like, how would you even tell a kid that's obviously special in the head, that he's being a total psychotic weirdo, without potentially causing long lasting psychological damage..

So much was unsaid in that movie; my mind keeps coming up with branching theories.. But lemme know what ya's think if you've seen that movie, or maybe read the book.  Just try to leave out any explicit detail, as obviously, given the potential context of that movie, details could certainly break forum protocol.

PS: Really.. It starred out THAT word... How in the hell do people get "triggered" from that word.. a word that's probably said 500 times a day on television. Like, if you get triggered from that, you might as well plug your ears and stare at a wall..

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