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Dreams are the perfect representation


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I had a dream last night that made total sense. It has sort of been a revelation for the entirety of my relationship, and how I’ve let people control my life. Here it goes:


In my dream, I am on open road with a mountain and beautiful scenery all around me. My husband walks to me as I consider a trek into the wilderness. He points to a gutter on the empty road and says he needs me. That he cannot fit in there, he needs me to climb down there and find something lost. He ties a rope around me and he gently helps me into the hole. I nervously let go of the road above and descend. 


He starts to feed more and more of the rope, slowly at first, then hastily. I tell him I’ve reached the point where I don’t feel comfortable going any further. To either stop or I won’t help anymore. I look up and I can see his eyes barely in the grating. He says a little further, he is sure. I uncomfortably oblige, and he releases more rope. I can no longer see the grating, only the light from above and a dark damp brown and rusted wall beside me. I scream up telling him I am scared, but he screams back it’s okay and continues. 


I start to hurtle towards an abyss. The light is beginning to completely fade. I yell for help, but receive, “you’re fine. There’s nothing to complain about.”


Soon I reach complete darkness. I yell up and receive nothing. No assurance, no sound, no sight. I can feel the rope as it slacks in my hand. I realize that the rope has been dropped and I have no way back out. I realize I cannot hear anything, that no one will ever hear me, and that I am stuck in this abyss. 

Can anyone relate? Any dreams that have resonated with you? It’s crazy, because it’s rare that I dream, as I usually have pretty bad insomnia. So I felt like this was a pertinent message from my subconscious. Maybe I am just crazy.

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You are no more crazy than anyone else.

Your dream was full of interesting metaphors.

We all have that deep, dark, dangerous abyss within.

I tend to use the cave metaphor because it is a natural formation created by erosion, stress and upheaval.

I have learned to metaphorically anchor myself outside my depression cave as best I can.

The old adage: It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, has been very helpful to me.


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My heart is saddened by your expression. I don't know the right words to help. 
But let me suggest something I do when I feel the walls closing in. I write.
I have started writing books. I have been surprised at what ends up on paper.

You see, I believe that in all of us resides an epic novel. Seasoned by what we have experienced. 
An untold story - several actually. When I write, I'm not really writing so much as I'm writing down a story that's being played out.
The story already exists, just nobody has read it yet.
When I funnel my sadness, my anger, my fears into expressing the story that is begging to be told, I find it's easy to stand back and observe - uninvolved.
Then as I watch the characters develop and resolve the issues, suddenly I discover that I have reconciled my own problems.
Then I feel way better, and I sleep better too!



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