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A unhappy birthday


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people are just dragging me down, I’ve told them I’m not celebrating my birthday anymore. I don’t want anything for my birthday and people stopped caring anyway so it’s a win win for everyone else. Birthdays are not the same since I left home and I lost my mom, I died that day too and my health is going down with it.

I woke up to a demand to make food, then dealing with someone’s low mood because they play a game and people are mean and I said just stop playing the game but no. Then I get moaned at about money all of the time when it’s not me that wastes it.

i wish I could afford to run away just take off, dump my phone, my bank, every last trace of me and live off grid and then non of the people in my life will ever find me that’s how much they hurt me but it won’t stop my mind hurting me but I can’t get any treatment

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I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. Losing a parent is a special kind of pain and depression that never leaves you. You kind of just learn to live with it over the years, even if that feels impossible. 


I just want to say that it is okay to rid yourself of toxic people and toxic relationships. If it is someone you can rid yourself of. If the people in your life are not healthy for you, then try telling them. If they can’t change their behavior, then you will have to change yours. Whether that’s by cutting them off, or not allowing them to consume you in other ways.


I wish you all the best. Happy birthday! I hope your day and their attitudes do improve. Because I’m sure a good attitude an environment is the best gift anyone could give. 

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