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Anav Sharma

What type of medications are good for depression

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Pretty sure no one is answering here because they feel you should ask a Dr. And they aren't entirely wrong in this particular case. If you take the wrong kind of meds for your unique body chemistry, you could end up suicidal, or just outright dead from the medication itself. A couple years back, I learned of a childhood friend having died from taking over the counter cough medicine (cough syrup).


I usually hate the "go to the Dr." mentality when asking questions on a forum, since I'm usually asking to avoid unnecessary Dr visits. Not to mention that it's just generally an ignorant reply, Like.. "go to a Dr." jeez, why didn't I think of that.. What's a Dr...? Good thing I took my time to write out a detailed forum post..

But medication is far too complex, and potentially deadly, to be properly recommended over an internet forum.

As for non-medication answers, Meditation, and try to spend more time thinking about the future, than the past (or the present, if that's crappy for you). 

PS: try not to think of meditation as some new age BS, like 'gluten free', 'yoga' or 'Pilates'. It's been around for centuries, and can actually be rather therapeutic if done correctly. It can be thought of like credit in a way, It's not as good as having great credit, but it clears away all the negativity for a while, and puts you into a calm, relaxed state.

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