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I don't know how to feel anymore..


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At 5:46pm of yesterday, I have made my first little journal on how I felt on the depression forums. It is currently 7:33pm and today I have taken a day for myself. Everyday I will try my best to be consistent with making daily updates for myself as well as others to see, I feel accomplished for taking the time for myself and identifying my problems. Today has had its ups and downs, but altogether I was able to work on my communication, being more truthful with myself. 

One problem I have identified is control over my own emotions, I tend to let my emotions run me rather than thinking through them first. I act based on how I feel because I was raised to always speak my mind. It is considered a problem because I let it get the best of me,  in a situation where I could be having a normal conversation and I randomly get triggered by something or by what someone says or does, I act impulsively (without a thought). I am quick to do not to think, but I am glad that I have identified it because it just shows how much growth I can have within my future for when I look back at myself.

Due to todays mood being more on the positive side, there isn't much for me to talk about. Thank you for reading and I do apologize if my grammar isn't so good. ❤️

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