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Hey everyone,


I am a guy, 22 years old and have felt low for about a year now. It comes in waves, and i watched a video lately about 'persistent depressive disorder', also called dysthymia. The symptoms for this condition felt very familiar.

During the last year I've had periods where I was actively trying to change my situation through therapy, but the relief that brought has felt temporary. I feel like I am slowly progressing, but clearly not there yet. I am quite sensitive, and introverted. Because of this I can feel drained or frustrated after social interaction, especially in groups.

Over the last couple weeks I had holidays with many different people in different social groups. Even though this sounds positive, it has left me feeling very drained and currently sent me into a negative cycle. I started isolating myself again and have trouble getting out of bed or taking care of myself. I feel ashamed and lazy now as I can't get through a day without huge mental efforts to do simple things.

I have never written posts on forums before, but I figured I might give it a try. Are there people here who suffered from dysthymia or recognize the situation? thanks for reading

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3 hours ago, johnniewalker said:


Hello Johnnie Walker Blue, sorry to hear you're having trouble in the midst of what sounds like a working social life.  You don't say, but I think you're asking how you can fix yourself/things. 

DF forums comprise a history of of answers and suggested answers to your question.  If you want suggestions, just plug a few few key words into the search---it's a good search engine.  Not trying to dismiss your question, and people here are willing to help. 

I've had what Michelle Obama calls "low level" depression--and on occasion 'not so low'--for half a century.  Funny as it sounds, be wary of all the name changes and re-definitions of your condition.  Try not to identify with the diagnosis too literally.

The only way I know to fight it is to make myself do those things, and appreciate those things, it would take from me.  I get up, though I don't feel like it, and start to clean, or cook my meal, or play the kalimba, tv, read a book, survey the clouds for lotto numbers . . .  For me, it's always a matter of moving, of picking a thing and involving myself in that thing.  The stopper here is usually "But, I don't feel like doing anything," and the circle never ends. 

Best luck to you, take time to be anything,



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I suppose I wake up every morning feeling like I have a hangover.  No chance in this world I would be able to do anything without coffee.  If it didn't exist I would be like a sloth my whole life.  I usually try to leave here and do something in the world by 9AM and to do it it takes half a pot of coffee by then to go.  People always drain me too.  A holiday or vacation with family is my worst nightmare not something positive.  I was going to go on vacation this year before they started cancelling all flights.  It felt like a trial coming up that could put me away forever not a good thing.

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