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Difficulty sleeping

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Hi all, 

I took my very last dose of Wellbutrin this morning. The process of returning to the chemical make up I was born with still has a little ways to go so I'm not judging how that is yet. 

There's one important thing I went thru that might help anyone who goes thru this process: the negative side effects of the weening-off process have been minimized by about eighty thousand percent compared to when I titrated off Celexa. That process was so dark I basically put myself in isolation for fear of saying horrible things to anyone I talked to. But with a slower titration off Wellbutrin it's been tons easier. I get tired during the day frequently but it hasn't been so bad I go back to sleep and give up on the day. That's how it was with Celexa- I had pretty strong depression symptoms for 3 solid months along with a really fun splitting headache. For 3 months. 



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