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20yearsandcounting's What Are You Listening To? Thread #5


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Everything But The Girl - "Mirrorball"

Well, I guess some boys adored me
But the one I loved ignored me
And caused me in the end to m*rder my best friend
And though I got her letter, it never did get better
And I got out of my head
Then I joined a band instead

Some good times I remember
My birthday that September
We lay down on the lawn
And counted until dawn
The stars that we lay under
And is he still, I wonder, the fairest of them all
Mirror, mirrorball

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"Out of Time," on youtube.  Written by Keith Richard and Mick Jagger, performed by Chris Farlowe. 

Just learned from poking around on youtube.  Keith and Mick wrote it in 1966, and Mick also produced a 45 record of the song done by Chris Farlowe same year.  I never heard of him, but he was better know in England and has continued singing.  YouTube has a 1986 tape of Farlowe, twenty years after the single, and you can see why Mick produced it, even though the Stones released it the same year on an album.

I suspect Mick picked up some style notes and phrasing from Farlowe.   He sounds like Mick, but smoother.




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