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20 years+ SSRI. Prozac taper issues. Fatigue.

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Hi all!
Looking for some support. 
44 year old UK male on various SSRIs for 20+ years and have tried to quit on various occasions. MY depression feels largely under control but its very 'chemical' for me and my orginal trigger seems to have been taking illegal drugs for a few years in my late teens. Happy upbringing and no awful life events previous to be diagnosed. Have done all the talking therapies and always felt I was wasting mine and their time. Ultimately, i dont feel that I have much to be depressed about, yet it is there!
So I felt around xmas time that im probably in a good a place now as any to attempt to quit (stable life, finances etc) and made decision to switch to PRozac becuase of long half life/self tapers etc. Had been on Prozac before and it worked well for me and ive been through the merry go round of swapping SSRI's to see if I could reduce side effects. Have also tried Seroxat, Citalopram, and escitalopram. Again these worked well in terms of depression/anxiety but side effects just too much. When I have tried to quit in the past I got increased anxiety and a lot of fatigue which ultimately stopped me. 
Thought I would try to do this really slowly as per advice and Have come down from 20 to 10mg over the last few months. Have done this whilst always taking 20mg tablets but either missing days or weekends. ie 7 tablets over 7 days, 6 tablets over 7 days, 5 tablets over 7 days etc. Currently down to 3.5 tablets over 7 days =10mg per day.
Have been on 10mg per day for nearly a month now and am having a lot of fatigue again. Can be very bad one day and then nothing the next. The fatigue is doubly frustrating becuase like many others exercise is one of my main coping strategies. Any anxiety and depression seem to be under control at 10mg. Sleeping well.
Can anyone else share their expereinces if they have been in a similar position? Suppose im looking for re-assurance that the fatigue will be temporary and if others have experienced this? Ive kind of stopped the taper at the 10mg level as this is the first time i noticed side effects with tapering. Its really reminded me why i have failed to quit before. Really determined to quit for good this time.

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Hi ronnie_scott and welcome to the Forums,

It is nice to meet you.

I wish I could offer something meaningful but I have no experience with Prozac.  Hopefully members here with experience will see your post and respond to it with helpful information and ideas.  So sorry I could not be helpful in this.  Depression and anxiety can be such brutal illnesses and I have struggled against them for decades [I am 65 years old].  I wish you all the best here on the Forums and in your battles against these mental illnesses!

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Posted (edited)

Hi and welcome!  I have been on various dosages of Prozac for many years.  Most likely I will be on it for the rest of my life, as my low grade depression is chronic.  

What you describe makes perfect sense.  Prozac has a brain stimulating effect.  Your brain has gotten used to this stimulation.  The trick is figuring out if your brain actually needs this extra stimulation to function 'normally'.  The fact that you are experiencing side effects at this dosage hints that maybe you need to stay on a low dose for maintenance.  Note: This is only my opinion based on my experience.  

My best suggestion is to experiment very slowly and gradually from here on.  As you said Prozac has a long half-life.  That means it will take a long time to be sure if the latest dosage 'tweak' is an improvement or a mistake.  If (big IF) it seems like you need to stay on a low maintenance dose, that should be OK.  Generic Prozac is cheap, and it is a rather 'clean' drug which does not interact with much at all.  Find a doc/therapist/whoever who will work with you long term to figure out the 'fine tuning'.   Good luck!  🍀

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Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback and words of support.

Still feeling tired but apart from that holding up pretty good. I think im going to hold at this dose (20mg every other day so 10mg average) for at least another month to see what happens. My next step would be to go to 6 x 20mg over a 2 week period (roughly 8.5 mg average). So for me that will be weekends off and then Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Seems to me to be a workable way of tapering slowly?

Will update here if anything changes. Therapeutic for me to write about this and hopefully others can benefit from my experience.

Btw happy to chat or answer any questions about 20 years+ experience on these drugs!

Cheers all - stay well!

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