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Nothing seems worth the trouble


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Anything I might want to have doesn't seem worth the trouble to go through to get it.

I'm not sure I want anything at all. I've been in this black hole the last few weeks, because I can't imagine there is anything I want enough to live for.

I don't want to be broke. I don't want to have a boring job doing work that means nothing at all to me. Being rich and doing something creative seems just as boring somehow. I don't know if I really see the difference. They both come down to making a living and supporting myself like almost everyone has done since the beginning of time.

If I were the most handsome guy in the world, I would still have a face with eyes and a nose and lips and ears like everyone else.

There was a young English guy my same age who I met on a Morrissey message board that I used to talk about this stuff with. It didn't end well between us. I'm dying to talk to him again. We haven't written to each other in five years.


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I have same problem for almost 2 years. But I have a "reason". I am 42 and in my sick brain it seems ancient. NOTHING matters to me except my fears. But if you are younger my advice would be, do what you can so at least if you have money you can use it to get better if nothing else. Don't give up

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Your half right. You are not different to anyone else, naturally speaking. However it can be a good thing, what other people can accomplish you can accomplish yourself. I will say this, you dont know it until you have tried it. You might find something in your life which you thought was boring but you really enjoyed it. Think about possibilities, because they are endless.

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