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Just Listing Problems

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This is my way of feeling better, listing my problems and just knowing somebody has read them and felt how we feel. List your problems here if it makes you feel better too, you don't have to read others, but you can. You can really just kind of put anything in here, anything you want to share, my problems recently have been:

I am losing my appetite, interest in stuff I used to think was "fun", and positive attitude just seems like another world now. I am another one of depression's victims who did nothing to deserve it except live, it seems. I have also been reading sad books recently. Also, it might sound stupid but, when the characters die, I just feel so broken it actually makes me sad. I am lonely, but aren't we all? I feel like a backstabber and a loner. This is some lines from one of my favorite songs that my life has just been feeling like:


What's a girl to do when she's not strong
When everyone that holds my hand
Gets cut from all the thorns
I used to put my ear against the wall
To hear the screams, to hear the fall
More reasons to escape it all
And it's not the answer but I can't carry on
I give my best smile, my last dime
But I'm always getting wrong
It's not 'cause I'm young or from a broken home
Maybe I just fight 'cause I don't know where I belong
You know devils don't fly (fly, fly)
So don't expect me not to fall
Devils don't fly (fly, fly)
But God we almost had it all
But I got chains and you got wings
You know that life ain't fair sometimes
Devils don't fly (fly, fly)
But I try


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Devils dont fly if you hold them down, and stop them from flying in your life. The point being is, you have you repel negativity in your life by not only being optimistic but also fighting against whatever is making you depressed. Use reason and determination to come out of this bad mentality. You said your a backstabber, well say sorry to whoever you back-stabbed and make things right with them, it will cure some loneliness and also provide closure on your guilt. You need to socialise with people and communicate with your loved ones. 

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